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Article By: admin - March 28, 2021
Block numbers with Call Blocker

Before We Begin

Are you tired of unsolicited and nuisance calls on your iPhone? It’s almost like they don’t miss a single day, do they? Apart from the valid ones we receive every day (which is a lot), these unwanted calls tend to get on the nerves. If at some point, you are looking for a way to block numbers on your iPhone and save yourself the pain, we have the solution for you.


Download Call Blocker for iPhone to get rid of all the unwanted ringers on the line. Block spam calls and robocalls, reduce advertisement calls and hence, live your daily life peacefully.

What is Call Blocking and How Does it Work?

Call blocking is basically filtering one or more caller IDs in order to restrict them from reaching you. We receive a lot of calls from unknown caller numbers every day, and more than often, they turn out to be wrong numbers. You can recognize some of the false phone numbers right away, but most of the time, you can’t tell before receiving them. Call blocking helps you stop those unwanted calls like robocalls, spam text messages, fraud calls, illegal voice messages, and such.


A call blocker app is the quickest solution for smartphone users in this case. Such apps have multiple relevant features that help to recognize a call and list it categorically for future safety. You can create a blocklist and spam list to mark the numbers you deem to be scams. These apps also use reverse phone lookup to search for numbers within a database of listed callers. In this piece of content, we will share how to use an application like the Call blocker for iPhone, keeping in mind its usefulness and user reviews.

How to Block a Number on iPhone


Call Blocker for iPhone enables you to block numbers of unlimited reach and gives complete control over your do-not-call list. You can easily add a number to the blacklist directly from contact and unblock or block anytime you want. Without further ado, let’s dive in to learn how to stop spam texts and calls once and for all.

Step 1

Before you can start blocking phone numbers, you need to enable the feature from your phone. iPhone has a dedicated call blocking feature, allowing you to perform the basic operations. For the Call Blocker to do an improved job, launch the app and activate the feature as directed. You won’t have to search for it; the application will guide you through the process.

Step 2

This immediate step is where you get to set the action. To block numbers, access your contact book directly from the app. You will see the option to block any contact with a single tap, and the same goes with unblocking. Personalize your contact list by choosing the calls you receive and modify them in any way, at any time.

Step 3

After you’re done with unwanted calls, let’s take care of all the telemarketing calls and robot calls. When you receive phone calls from unusual numbers, they often result in spam numbers trying to sell stuff. Avoid receiving those and flag the numbers with distinctive tags like robocaller, prank, threats, fraud, telemarketer, all within the app. Even if you receive and listen to some recorded messages, you can tag them from your call history later to reduce similar situations in the future.

Step 4

Once you’ve set up your own spam list, this step is where you get the fruits of your endeavor. Call Blocker app has an automatic reject call and spam alert function that sends a warning every time there’s a robocall coming in. Your categorized list will start to pay off as you get an advance alert for potential spam ahead of receiving.

When you index a number as a fraud, you essentially report spam calls that go into an online scammers database. Call filter apps have helped create this database gradually so that when a number from the list calls, you get a signal to identify spoofing calls, telemarketer’s calls, robot calls, and more. It’s an effective way to prevent unsolicited calls even before they reach you and avoid losing patience.

Best Features of Call Blocker for iPhone


Call Blocker for iPhone lets users block numbers on iPhone and protect them from unwanted phone calls. While there are many call blocking apps available, what makes this app so special? Well, for one, this smart call blocker not only blocks a number but also helps you customize your own no-call list. Reduce unasked calls and block spam calls on iPhone using our numerous useful features that come free with the app. Take a peek at the best functions this app offers for phone screening.

Block and Unblock Number


The Call Blocker for iPhone app equips your phone with the ability to block and unblock directly from the interface. Its intuitive design and simple functionality will guide you to the necessary actions as you won’t have to break a sweat. The caller id block feature can prevent any numbers from reaching you and filter the calls you receive every day. Simply launch the app to access your contact list & browse through the numbers to block, rearrange, unblock, or modify at will.

Block any numbers you want

Stop Robocalls


Robocalls are pre-recorded messages that use an automated computerized voice recording system to deliver calls. They are often used in telemarketing campaigns and can turn out to be really annoying at some point. Not to worry, because your days of wondering how to stop robocalls are no more. Call Blocker app will take care of robocalls, telemarketing calls, and promotional approaches and block them at their root. All you need is to simply tag the numbers and put them on your blocklist. This ultimate call blocker saves you from all the irrelevant phone calls and lets you choose the ones you need.

Organize Spam List


Create your personalized spam list and keep check of the scammers methodically. You can generate a list under different categories like fraud, threats, spam, telemarketing, survey, etc.


Label fraud callers with specified tags, record spammers with their respected badges, and arrange a well-sorted list to reduce unwanted calls effectively. Every time you block a number on your iPhone and report a phone number, it is noted on the list for easy future reference.

Oraginze Spam List

Fraud Call Alert


Another super useful feature of this app is its fraud call alert system. Among the list of your blacklisted numbers and the common database of spam numbers, it warns you ahead of a potential fraud call and saves you time and effort. Avoid unnecessary calls since hidden identity callers are no longer hidden with this app.

Identify spam callers in advanced

Extensive Database of Blacklisted Numbers


With the help of the vast online database of blacklisted numbers, this app reveals the scammers trying to reach you. Identify, tag, and avoid all the unsolicited calls from robots and marketers; the time is “now” to live peacefully with your known surroundings.

Wrapping Up


Shield your daily life from all the unwanted calls and use this cool utility app to block unwelcoming numbers on your iPhone. For added security, you can register your number to the Do Not Call (DNC) database as well. Continue using Call Blocker for iPhone and save yourself from the hassle of confronting spam callers all day long.

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