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  • Published : April 21, 2021

How a Business Card Scanner Can be Helpful – Business Card Scanner HD

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Do you own a business, and you often communicate with others but are tired of exchanging business cards? Then you need a mobile card reader app. The best scanner app available on the App Store is called Business Card Scanner HD for iPhone. It is your own digital phonebook. Today, we will get in-depth on how this smart scanner app lets you scan from your iPhone, saving you precious time and effort in all your business networking needs.


With our mobile business card scanner, you can scan business cards with your iPhone instantly and be on the go. Gone are the days of cramming too many business cards into your wallet just to properly network with clients and customers. Continue reading this how-to guide to learn how to scan business card on iPhone.

How Does Our Business Card Scanner Function

Start scanning business cards

Our app is using state-of-the-art OCR (optical character recognition) technology. OCR is a solution for business in the automation of data extraction from printed or written text from a scanned document or image file. It is then converted to the text into a machine-readable form for data processing like editing or searching.


Our scanner app records thousands of business card details as contact points that require very little memory, ultimately saving space on your iPhone device. This business-friendly app can be handy to entrepreneurs, salespersons, and marketers looking for a modern and efficient way of tracking and handling business contacts.

Install the Business Card Scanner HD app for free from the App Store on your iPhone.

Scan a Card to Save

Scan a variety of compatible items

Once someone hands you a business card, simply grab your iPhone, open the Business Card Scanner HD app and scan it via the iPhone camera. After that, simply point and shoot to store an unlimited amount of business cards digitally. It is that simple. It can also be used as an id scanner, allowing you to transfer text from a driver’s license, and doubles as a credit card scanner.


Once you have taken a photo of the business card. The intelligent app will instantly scan the entire card to collect all of the important text on the card and store it on our database like the primary number, secondary number, fax, email, and the business or person’s name.

Edit and Organize Contacts

Keep all contacts organized and secure

The Business Card Scanner HD app lets its users edit and personalize all scanned business cards once it’s saved to your iPhone. Manually input numbers and texts to respective fields to modify relevant and updated information on the card.


Also, organize all your contacts with predefined fields and the pre-selected fields and sort them in order. Label your business relationships based on importance such as priority, events, organization, and more. Add a person to “favorites” and make it easier to locate them.

Make a Call, Email, and Message Straight from Your App

Directly call, text, and email contacts

This powerful business card scanner allows its users to take advantage of an in-app call and text feature. Just pull up a previously scanned business card, call and text bubbles will appear. Simply tap your choice to instantly make calls and send texts to your desired contact points.


The card scanner app also features the option to send emails directly from the scanned contact. Another cool feature of this app is the ability to acquire data of given locations and web links of scanned items, which can be very useful for marketing.

Qr Code Scanning

Scan a QR code fast

Business Card Scanner HD can read QR codes that may be applied to certain business cards and other related items. Sometimes, simply scanning a business card may not display all information.


Once a business card includes a QR scanner, it usually offers more options for links and tags. This versatile card reader app for iPhone will interpret the QR codes to show you all the provided information.

Share Your Contacts via AirDrop

Send and share contact links with others

Included in this app is sharing contacts via AirDrop and other social platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp. Easily send friends, family, and business partners relevant and recommended business contacts. No need to call up your teammate and manually share business credentials; with a couple of clicks, share the information instantly. All the features discussed here make this one of the best apps for scanning business cards on iPhone.

Closing Statements

In the modern age, an app like Business Card Scanner HD is essential. Business experts at Entrepreneur mention why business cards will never go away. It is because most people still use business cards. Hence, a business or visiting card scanner is quite handy to have on your iPhone. With today’s cord-cutting trend, a virtual business card scanner is a must.


Therefore Business Card Scanner HD is indeed one of the best apps you can have in a corporate scenario. The app covers it all, from a business card organizer to a super helpful QR code reader option from the visiting cards.

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