How to Access Clipboard on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - April 28, 2022, Last Modified: July 21, 2022
how to access clipboard on iPhone

Have you ever wondered where the copied texts are stored on iPhone? Well, the clipboard on the iPhone stores all the copied content. However, when it comes to using the copy history for several copied items, you may need to identify how to access clipboard on iPhone.


Clipboard is an internal function of your iPhone that temporarily stores copied content. It would have been interesting if you could use the iPhone clipboard to complete your multiple tasks efficiently.


Check out how to access clipboard on iPhone in 3 easy ways


Clipboard works in the background. Anything copied to the clipboard on iPhone is stored temporarily in the system for future use. So, where is the clipboard on iPhone? Unfortunately, iPhone doesn’t allow you to edit or see the clipboard content. While there is no default option about how to find clipboard on iPhone, you can still use it.

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Here, we bring you three straightforward ways to find the iPhone clipboard and use it at your convenience.


  • Create a Clipboard Shortcut
  • Copy history on iPhone using the Notes application
  • Use third-party clipboard managers

    How to access clipboard on iPhone by creating a clipboard shortcut


    You can easily create a custom shortcut to access and use the clipboard content on iPhone. Just go through the following steps and create a “Show Clipboard” shortcut on your iPhone.

    How to access clipboard on iPhone by creating a shortcut

  • Search “Shortcuts” application.
  • Tap on the “Gallery” Menu.
  • Search “Adjust Clipboard” and open it.
  • Tap the “Add Shortcut” button.
  • Return to the “My Shortcuts” tab.

    That’s all! Browse through and find the shortcut you have created. From now on, if you copy any text or link on any app, it can be found accessing this “Adjust Clipboard” shortcut. Thus, you can use this shortcut to edit your iPhone clipboard content on the go.


    How to access clipboard on iPhone using the Notes application


    Do you know that iPhone users can use Notes as a clipboard? Yes, the Notes app can be an alternative to clipboard. Just follow the steps below:

    How to access clipboard on iPhone using Notes

  • Open the Notes app on your iPhone.
  • Create a new note.
  • Keep the app in the background.
  • Now, copy the text/link you want to save.
  • Return to the Notes app, then paste the copied content.
  • Save your content in the new Note that you created.

    All done! This way, you can save the clipboard contents on your iPhone using the Notes app manually. Each time you copy anything, you can paste it here manually to use it at your convenience.


    How to access clipboard on iPhone using third-party clipboard managers

    how to access clipboard on iPhone using the Clip+ app

    You might require a third-party app If you want to actively access clipboard on your iPhone. In other words, if you wish your iPhone to save every content you ever copied, a third-party app is a must.


    For multiple copy history, the Clip+ app is a viable solution. This dedicated app serves your query on how to access clipboard on iPhone. Just copy text from any source and automatically store it in Clip+. Then, access it instantly from Notification Center to paste your copied item into any app.




    The clipboard is invisible, and it works in the background. With the methods mentioned above, you can use your copied contents like texts, data, and links from one app to another. In addition, you can keep your clipboard files safe as well.


    We tried to answer your queries on where is the iPhone clipboard and how to use clipboard content on iPhone. All the methods are very simple and easily accessible. Besides this, you may also want to know how to save Google Docs as PDF on iPhone. Or if you are interested, check out how to make a resume on iPhone.

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