How to Add a Comment to a PDF on Mac

Article By: Hess Brown - July 30, 2022, Last Modified: July 31, 2022
How to Add a Comment to a PDF on Mac

PDF is one of the most dynamic formats of documentation you can count on when in an academic or a professional environment. Another benefit of this file format lies in its strict file formatting feature. Nevertheless, when in need, you can add speech bubbles, comments or even add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac before storing or sharing it on the internet. This isn’t too complex when you know how to add a comment to a PDF on Mac. This article will give you a whole bunch of information about different ways to add comments or speech to a PDF on Mac.


How to add a comment to a PDF on Mac | 2 simple methods


If you wish to add comments or a speech bubble, there are multiple ways. We have tried various ways and came up with the 2 best methods that answer how you can add a comment to a PDF on Mac. The first one is very simple; that is, by using the default function that already exists on Mac.


The second option, however, needs a third-party app like pdfFiller. A mac-based app like this one not only allows you to add various comments and photos to a piece of PDF document but also cuts away the need for online PDF editors. An online tool often turns out to be spam and scrutinizes your file confidentiality.

Wish to make some last-minute modifications to an important PDF document? Get pdfFiller on your Mac and start editing and managing PDF files. It’s fast, easy to use and leaves behind no glitch when modified.

Therefore, in short, we will discuss the two most convenient processes of adding elements to a PDF document on Mac, and they are:

  • The default app of the Mac to add comments on PDF
  • Third-party app to put on comments or speech bubbles to a PDF

Adding comments on PDF using the default feature of the Mac

add a comment to a PDF on Mac using the Preview app 01

We liked the default function of the Mac, which works well for annotating PDF content. Mac has its native app called Preview. This inbuilt yet powerful app allows multiple modification functions on any PDF. If you are an Apple Mac user, you are supposed to be aware of the Preview app.


If you are new to the iOS platform, you must know the trick of how to add a comment to a PDF on Mac with Mac’s native app. For that, you first have to open a PDF document on the Preview app. Once the PDF is open on this app, you will see the text annotation tool at the top right corner of the toolbar. Click it.

add a comment to a PDF on Mac using the Preview app 02

Next, click or drag on the PDF text you wish to see under a comment. This will give you a yellow comment box to add your Comment. Double click on the text input area of the comment box to add a comment to a PDF on Mac. Save your changes or modifications once you have added an annotation.


Quick steps for adding a comment using Preview

  • Launch the Preview app on your Mac.
  • Click the text annotation tool at the top right corner with a pencil icon.
  • Select a word, full sentence or paragraph on PDF to add a comment.
  • Once selected, a yellow annotation box appears.
  • Click on the text input area of the box to begin adding comments.
  • Once done, save the document to keep the changes.

Third-party app to add a comment on PDF

add a comment to a PDF on Mac using the pdfFiller app

Now you must be wondering how to add a comment to a PDF on Mac using an app from a third party. We have picked the pdfFiller app for PDF modification functions. This powerful PDF editor can add comments on PDF content and put various useful elements when needed. We have tested various PDF editor apps but found the usability of this particular app convenient and easy to understand.


This application has a dedicated function labelled as comments next to the search option at the toolbar. Once you have clicked the function, an ‘Add comment button’ appears right below the toolbar. Click that button and then click the sentence or paragraph on the PDF to add annotate. This will select the sentence or paragraph, and a comment box will appear.

add a comment to a PDF on Mac using the pdfFiller app 02

Write down the Comment on the text input box, followed by the save button on the comment box. Continue adding comments where ever needed on the PDF file and save the modified document by clicking the ‘Done’ button at the top right corner of the PDF interface.


Steps of adding comments using third-party apps at a glance

  • Download and install the pdfFiller app on your Mac.
  • Launch a PDF file with the pdfFiller app.
  • Click the comments option on the toolbar at the top.
  • Hit the Add comment button that appears after clicking the comments function.
  • Click the sentence or even paragraph to select it for adding a comment.
  • A comment box
  • Write a comment on the text input area and hit save at the bottom of the comment box.
  • Once done adding a comment, click the Done button at the top right corner.

Please note that you can install the app version on your Mac and use its functions offline. However, you can enjoy most of the basic functions under the free trial plan on the pdfFiller’s website. Advanced options, for instance, creating fillable forms, converting PDF to editable text documents, etc., requires you to choose one of the exciting annual plans of this powerful PDF editor.


Final Advises


When considering a third-party app for adding annotations, there are dozens of apps that do this with precision. Apps like Adobe Acrobat, ABBYY FineReader PDF, Foxit PDF editors, and many more does a great job when editing a PDF file. If you wish to learn about some of the best PDF modifier apps around, consider going through our article on the 10 Best PDF Editor Apps for Mac. Until then, have fun with one of those methods mentioned here to instantly add comments to any PDF file on Mac.

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