How to Add an Image to a PDF in Preview on Mac

Article By: Hess Brown - August 2, 2022, Last Modified: August 2, 2022
How to Add an Imageto a PDF in Preview on Mac

Firstly, if you are unfamiliar with the Preview app on Mac, it is simply one of the native applications on Mac. This can process various documents in different formats, including PDF documents which are often stubborn when it comes to editing or modifying. Through this article, we will describe how to add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac, although it’s not a direct process. Nevertheless, we will describe the whole process of adding an image to a PDF on the Preview. We will also suggest to you a third-party app that will assist you with an even easier implication of elements on a PDF.


How to add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac | Describing the process

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Getting to know about the Preview app


Before we sort out the Image adding mystery to a PDF, first a little bit about the Preview app. Preview is a powerful app that comes in default with the Mac OS. The application is built to read photos and PDF files, and, at the same time, it can edit and modify them on demand. The Preview has a rich toolbar to add notes, or images, merge multiple PDFs or split a single document, annotate, highlight and more.

Adding a photo clip to a PDF seems too complex on the Preview? There’s an app called pdfFiller that makes adding an image to a PDF way less complicated. Try this app and make PDF editing much easier.

Adding an image to a PDF using Preview on Mac


It often gets necessary to include additional elements to a PDF before using it. Although with the Preview, adding elements to a piece of PDF is not too linear. However, there is a detour to do it. And henceforth, we opt to describe how to add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac. In order to add a clip photo or Image, you first need to launch the PDF file with the Preview.


Making an image PDF-ready


In the next step, you have to open the folder that contains the Image you want to add. Following this, right-click on the photo followed by Open With >  Preview (Default) on the menu. Once the Image is open, click on Command + A, which selects the image. Next, press Command + C, followed by Command + V. By doing this, you are copying the photo and immediately past it on top of the original layer of the picture.


Adding an image to a PDF file

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Although both are the same images, stalked one layer after another, the layer you have newly created is a PDF-suitable element. Preview takes this image as one of the usable elements on Mac. Now copy the image again. This will automatically store the photo content on the Clipboard. Close image preview window. Paste the image from the Clipboard to the PDF file that is already open on the Preview app by pressing Command + V. Adjust the image size and position using the image handlers on the PDF file.


How to add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac | Simplified steps

  • Launch the PDF on Mac with the Preview app.
  • Using the finder, go to the folder that contains the Image.
  • Right-click the image > Open With > Click Preview (Default).
  • When the Image is shown in the preview window, press Command+A to select the Image.
  • Next, Press Comman+C to copy the photo.
  • Now press Comman+V to paste the image on the preview layer of the same picture.
  • Copy the image again and paste it into the PDF you have opened beforehand.
  • Using the image handlers, adjust the size and position the image on the PDF file.
  • Once positioned, the Preview sticks and saves the image automatically on the PDF.



Whether your query is how to add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac or you want to know how to add a comment on a PDF on mac, Applavia has the answer for all. Apart from the default Preview, you can also try the pdfFiller app that we have discussed in some of our other blogs. This app is a game changer and makes PDF editing way more convenient and fun.

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