How to Annotate a PDF on Mac – 3 Easy Ways

Article By: Nasim Usman - August 28, 2022
How to annotate a pdf on mac

PDF is the most popular and convenient way of sharing documents with your peers or partners. Unfortunately, some PDFs do not allow you to add comments or figures like MS Word. So, while sharing a PDF file, you didn’t have many options that can mark the critical lines and pages or add a commentary. But, you can now learn how to annotate PDF on Mac and easily master all the ways.

Wondering how to annotate a PDF on MacBook? Get pdfFiller for your MacBook and add texts, sticky notes, or highlights in a few steps.

How to annotate a PDF on Mac | 3 easy solutions


There are several ways of annotating PDFs on a MacBook. The best way to do some notation is to use an all-in-one PDF tool that can make changes quickly. You can also use Apple’s Preview or any third-party apps to add the desired annotation. In this writing on how to annotate PDF on Mac, we’ll try to cover all the ways available to you. You will then to able to make the necessary adjustment on the go.


How to annotate a PDF on Mac using pdfFiller


There are much software that you can use to annotate a PDF. Among all the available applications, pdfFiller is the best PDF annotator for your MacBook. Annotation can be done using some simple tools available in the app. For example, you can include a text box to add a comment, highlight some essential parts, or put a sticky note. Here, we will talk about these three tools, but you can use other tools according to your choice.


Besides the annotating part, this app also provides a solution to most PDF-related problems. You can use the app as a PDF converter, delete pages, merge & paginate, sign a document, etc.


Steps on how to add text to a PDF on Mac using pdfFiller

How to add a text box to a PDF using pdfFiller
  • First, go to pdfFiller from your browser.
  • Then click Text Box from the menu bar at the top.
  • From the available options, customize the text font and size in any way you like.
How to write on a PDF document on Mac using pdfFiller
  • When done, press Done from the top right corner.
  • Finally, click Save As to get an annotated PDF.

Steps on how to highlight a PDF on Mac using the pdfFiller app

How to highlight a PDF on MacBook with pdfFiller
  • Go to pdfFiller and open the desired file.
  • Next, from the tools available on the top, click Highlight.
  • After highlighting any part of the document, press Done.
  • At last, hit Save As, located at the right of the document, to complete the process.

Steps on how to add sticky notes to PDF on Mac using pdfFiller

How to add sticky notes to PDF on Mac using pdfFiller
  • For starters, open the document using the pdfFiller.
  • Then select Sticky from the toolbar available on the top.
  • You can change the sticky notes’ color, font & text size.
  • After adding sticky notes, press Done.
  • To complete the process, click Save As.

Discover how to annotate a PDF on Mac using the Preview app


Another convenient way of annotating a PDF document is using Mac’s Preview app. Although editing a PDF file in Preview is not possible, you can use the available markup tools to add things you find necessary.


Steps on how to annotate in Preview

How to annotate in Preview
  • Firstly, open the file using the Preview app.
  • Next, press Tools from the top menu bar and choose Annotate.
  • Then you use any tools you like from the available options like Highlight, Note, Text, Signature, etc.
  • Finally, go to File and click Save to complete the process.

How to annotate on PDF using Adobe Reader


Another popular and widely used app that can be used to annotate a PDF document is Adobe Reader. You can easily add text boxes, insert sticky notes, draw, highlight, etc., with the help of editing tools. Go through the following steps to learn how to annotate a PDF on Mac using Adobe Reader.


Steps on how to annotate a PDF on Mac using Abode Reader

How to annotate a text PDF using Adobe Reader
  • To begin, open the PDF document with Adobe Reader.
  • Click Tools from the top and choose Comment.
How to annotate a text PDF using Adobe Reader
  • Afterward, add any annotations from options available on the top side.
  • Finally, press Save in the left corner to complete the process.

How to type on a PDF on MacBook


First, open the file using the pdfFiller to write on a PDF document. Then from the top menu bar, choose Text or Text Box. After typing the desired text and placing them anywhere on the document, click Done. At last, press the menu right beside the file to store the PDF.


How to edit a PDF on MacBook Air or Pro


To edit any PDF documents on your MacBook Air or Pro, go to pdfFiller. Then open the file from My document or add a file. Next, select any tools to make necessary adjustments. Then click Add Fillable Fields or Add Watermark from the right side if necessary. After editing, press Done and Save As to download the file on your device.




As annotating helps you to provide feedback to others when sharing a document, it has become a dying need for Mac users to learn the process. Hopefully, our article on how to annotate a PDF on Mac will provide you with all the tricks. You can now choose any option of your liking.


If this guide has been useful, you can also go through the best PDF editors for MacBooks & how to edit a PDF on Mac.

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