How to Block Snapchat on iPhone

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that is very popular among young people. Although there is nothing wrong with using this, like many well-known social media apps, it can be very addictive. Imitating viral trends and posting them online on platforms such as Snapchat has become the new norm. Some of these contents can be dangerous, and more often than not, they are performed by youngsters. So, if you want your children or younger siblings to stay away from this craziness, then find out how to block Snapchat on iPhone.


Can I block Snapchat from my child’s phone?


If you’re worried about your child getting exposed to some of the inappropriate content on Snapchat, then don’t be. This is because there are ways to restrict Snapchat on your child’s phone. You can do this either from your iPhone’s Settings or using a third-party parental control app. So, in the subsequent sections, we’ll share all the ways how to restrict Snapchat on iPhone.


How to block Snapchat on iPhone by limiting screen time


You can curb the usage of Snapchat on your iPhone by enabling the App Limits option on the Screen Time section of the Settings app. This is a useful method to limit the use of any app on your iPhone and prevent the eventual addiction.


Here’s how to limit screen time on Snapchat from your iPhone

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap on “Screen Time.”
  • Next, select “App Limits.”
  • Then tap on “Add Limit.”
  • After that, choose the category of the app. For Snapchat, it is “Social.”
  • Next, a list of apps under the social section appears.
  • Select the “Snapchat” app from the list and tap on “Next.”
  • Then assign a usage limit for the Snapchat app. The minimum you could select is 1 minute.
  • Finally, tap on “Add.”

    Here’s how to turn off the screen time limit on iPhone

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Next, tap on Screen time>App Limits.
  • After that, select the time limit for your app (In this case, it is Snapchat).
  • Then tap on “Delete Limit,” followed by “Delete Limit” again to confirm your choice.

    How to block Snapchat on iPhone by scheduling a downtime


    Another way to limit the use of Snapchat on your iPhone is by scheduling the downtime feature from the Screen Limit option. Your iPhone will block the apps and contacts that haven’t been allowed during this time.

    So, the first thing you should do is make sure that Snapchat isn’t chosen under the Always Allowed section. For this, go to Settings > Screen Time > Always Allowed > tap on the red minus icon to remove the Snapchat (if it is in the list) app.


    Here’s how to turn on downtime on your iPhone for blocking Snapchat

  • Open the Settings app and tap on “Screen”
  • Next, tap on “Downtime.”
  • Then create a schedule by tapping on the “From” and “To” sections. It usually is set from 10 PM to 7 AM by default
  • After that, tap on “Turn On Downtime Until Schedule” to enable downtime.

    Here’s how to turn off downtime on iPhone

  • On your Settings app, go to “Screen Limit”> “Downtime”
  • After that, tap on “Ignore Downtime Until Schedule”

    How to block Snapchat on iPhone with a parental control app


    Another way to block Snapchat on iPhone is using third-party parental control apps. Here we’ll be using the FamiSafe parental control app to block Snapchat or any other apps. You can remotely block apps on your child’s phone from your iPhone with this app. However, you also need to install the FamiSafe Jr – Blocksite app on your child’s iPhone. So, with your parental control app from your iPhone, you can monitor and control your child’s phone.

    Here’s how:


  • Launch the FamiSafe app on your iPhone and create an account with your information.
  • Next, do the same for your child’s iPhone.
  • After that, pair your iPhone with your child’s. For this, tap on the “+ Connect A New Device” button.
  • You’ll get a pairing code, which will be valid for 1 hour. Enter the code on your child’s phone. Or you could use the “Pair with SMS” method and follow the instructions.
  • Once you’ve paired your devices, tap on “Screen Time” and choose Snapchat or any other app to block or limit their usage.

    How to delete Snapchat on iPhone


    If you think using Snapchat, even for a little while, is affecting your child, then you should delete the app. And there is a number of ways you can delete Snapchat or any other apps from your iPhone.


    Here’s how to delete Snapchat from your iPhone:


  • Touch and hold on to the Snapchat app icon on your iPhone home screen. Then tap on “Remove App” from the options menu, followed by “Delete App” to remove it from your iPhone.
  • Or, touch and hold on to an empty area of your iPhone home screen until all the app icons start jiggling, with a minus sign at their top-left corner. Next, tap on the “minus” symbol for the Snapchat app and followed by “Delete App,” to remove it from your iPhone.
  • Another way to delete Snapchat on your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. Next, select the Snapchat app from the list and tap on “Delete App.” After that, tap on “Delete App” again on a popup menu to confirm your choice.

    Children are smart, and if you delete Snapchat from their phone, they will find a way to install it back. So, can you block certain apps from being downloaded on iPhone? Not exactly, but you can control what content is allowed and also stop your child from installing any apps from the App Store.


    How to block apps from being downloaded on iPhone


    In this part, we’ll see how to restrict content for your child’s iPhone and block them from installing any apps from the App Store. You can block websites on iPhone and app functions and prevent installing, deleting, and in-app purchases.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on “Screen Time.”
  • Set up a passcode by tapping on “Use Screen Time Passcode” if you haven’t done it already.
  • Next, tap on “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”
  • To prevent installation, delete, and in-app purchases of apps, tap on “iTunes & App Store Purchases”.
  • To control the content on your iPhone, tap on “Content Restrictions” and then choose a category to limit them.

    Concluding remarks


    Several online platforms have made our lives immensely easier, allowing us to communicate with the rest of the world in an entertaining and exciting way. However, for all its boon, it hides something dark amongst it. For every fun and exciting post, you’ll also find some cringeworthy content. So, you’d need a way to protect the most vulnerable, like the kids.


    Hopefully, our tips on how to block Snapchat on iPhone were very useful. Nonetheless, you can also use this detailed article to block other apps on your iPhone and iPad.

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