How to block spam calls efficiently with the call blocker app for iPhone

Article By: Nasim Usman - April 18, 2021
Block spammers easily with call blocker app for iphone

Before the fun starts

Does your day begin with an overwhelming amount of phone calls from scammers with no sign of slowing down anytime soon? Even with the federal trade commission implementing The National Do Not Call register, frequently, a spam call will make it to your mobile phone somehow. Now with the rise of COVID-19, fraud calls have increased at an alarming rate. Well, today, we will elaborate on how you can safely and easily block spam calls for good!

Don’t welcome those annoying telemarketers anymore. Stop robocalls once and for all. Go ahead and download the Call Blocker app for iPhone and regain the peace you deserve.

Before the blocking begins

What exactly is a call blocking app, and how can it be useful?

In a nutshell, a call blocking app is what saves you the hassle of rejecting a robocall yourself, even when you least expect it to be an annoying spammer. Whether you are at a business meeting or a family dinner, our intelligent app filters out the most cunning callers. These callers may be a telemarketer looking to scam you by reading a script or a pesky prank caller delivering threats. None are a match for our app.

Enjoy fully filtered calls

How can you enable a call blocker?

The first thing is to turn on call identification to track and identify any unwanted phone numbers you want to block. This is done by going to the iPhone Settings, followed by tapping on the phone option. After that, tap on call blocking and identification, and finally turning on the call blocker feature.

Blocking numbers

To start blocking a number, tap on the contacts tab, search a particular contact, and press block to blacklist that number. To reverse this, you need to go to the contacts tab once again to find your blocked contact list, and then all you have to do is press the unblock option. It is that simple. The Call Blocker app lets you block an unlimited amount of unsolicited calls, so the possibilities are endless.

Personal no call list

Make your own personalized spam list and keep the scammers in line. By clicking on the drop-down menu labeled call type, add numbers to your personal Spam List with distinctive flags from categories such as robocallers, survey spam, text message, and prank calls. Label spam callers with your own choice of tags, label spammers with easy-to-view badges and manage a clear list to eliminate unwanted callers. With a built-in memory feature, marking a number as spam will flag automatically for further calls from a blocked number.

Make a custom made list of unwanted callers

Reporting a number as spam and stop spam text messages

To report a number as spam, tap on Report as spam. Click on not spam to reverse this in case you have reported contact by mistake. For example, clicking the text message option will eliminate spam texts from reaching your iPhone. You can also receive spam call alerts straight to your screen so that you can be notified about the spammers in real-time.

Label spammers appropriately

Be notified of spammers in real-time

Our intelligent Call Blocker app notifies you of a spam call instantly. It is a handy feature and behaves like a potential fraud alert system. Why be left in the dark? Learn who the scammers are without having to hear their voices so that you can be one step ahead of them. If you blocked an old friend you no longer wish to communicate with, this app would help you avoid them the next time they call you. If you wish you can also find out what the prank callers wanted to say using the app’s integrated push-notifier.


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Extensive international database

Our app has an enormous online database of blacklisted numbers from around the globe. Whether you’re visiting China or vacationing in Italy, this app will notify you of the scammers trying to reach you. With Identity reveal, tag and block all unsolicited calls from the most advanced robots and fraudulent marketers. While other similar apps will not allow international call blocking features, this is crucial for users who often travel on business. If you have our app downloaded on your iPhone, you have the ultimate global protection.

Stay protected world wide

Share spam numbers with the community

With the ability to easily share known spammers and automated callers via our community option, you will be doing yourself and others a solid service. There are millions of spammers and telemarketers around the globe. Everyone has something to share in the fight to regain the peace we once had with our cell phones.

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In conclusion

Rest assured all your calls are correctly monitored and filtered appropriately. Whether you’re a victim of fraud callers, have a stalker, or want to do a good deed by warning others of spammers. Consider our Call Blocker app for iPhone. An ultimate app helps shield to avoid those frustrating and awkward spam callers from ever interrupting your valuable moments in the day.

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