How to Block TikTok on iPhone

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TikTok began in 2017 and is already sweeping over the Internet like a viral outbreak. It is a platform for producing and sharing 15-second lip-syncs and comedy videos. However, with the rapid success of TikTok, there are also some unwanted problems. As the contents are short and sketchy, the thirst for getting more is almost never-ending. Many users, especially youths, face the problem of TikTok addiction. So, at some point, you might be thinking about how to block TikTok on iPhone.


It’s clear that short and snappy content is the key to bringing in a wide audience these days. If you are someone trying to cut back time on TikTok or want to fix the addiction, you are probably looking for a solution to block TikTok. Here we will focus all the solutions on how to block TikTok app on iPhone.


How to block TikTok on iPhone & iPad | Prevent access to TikTok


Like YouTube Shorts, short-form videos are great for quick-time entertainment. Therefore, TikTok has proven to be a highly addictive app for many people. Since many users are in their teens and twenties, they are unaware of the negative consequences of excessive screen time.


Research shows that teens who spend hours each day on their phones are more likely to be mentally distracted. If there are no limits on how much time to spend in front of screens, it will pose a risk to mental health. So, if you are concerned about excessive screen time, you can learn about how to block TikTok on iPhone.


Blocking TikTok on iPhone through Screen Time Management


If you are curious about how to block TikTok on iPhone, using the Screen Time Management tool might be the solution for you. It will provide parents a sense of security if their children waste too much time on the app. When Screen Time Management is enabled, you have the choice of setting daily time restrictions of 40, 60, 90, or 120 minutes to use TikTok.


Once the timer on TikTok runs out, the user will be prompted to provide a password. You may use this function to assist in minimizing the amount of time they spend scrolling and instead focusing on the important things.


How to block TikTok using Screen Time Management

How to block TikTok using Screen Time Management
  • Locate and open the TikTok app on your iPhone.
  • Select Privacy and Settings.
  • Next, look under the General tab and select Digital Wellbeing.
  • There you will find Screen Time Management; tap on it.
  • Finally, select your time limit and set a password.

Note: After the end of the time limit, the user will have to enter the password to use for extending time.


How to restrict TikTok on iPhone using Screen Time settings


In Addition to Screen Time Management, you can also block your TikTok access through iPhone’s native setting. It provides more customization freedom compared to TikTok’s own system setting. Likewise, the process is quite similar too.

How to block TikTok from Screen Time settings
  • Find and open Settings from your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to find Screen Time and tap on it.
  • After that, select App Limits and toggle it On.
  • Then, tap on Add Limit and select TikTok
  • Hit Next and select the time limit. Then toggle on Block at End of Limit.
  • Finally, tap on Add.

How to block TikTok on iPhone from router


If you are trying to block TikTok on your iPhone, you can attempt blocking it from your home wireless router. Blocking any app from the network access point is the most effective solution for restricting access. Although different routers process different ways of imposing parental controls, the basic process is similar to most consumer-grade routers. To block an app through a router, you must block all the domains that the app uses.


Steps on how to block TikTok app on a router

How to block TikTok on iPhone through router
  • Log into your router’s control panel.
  • Next, navigate to parental control.
  • After that, click on the edit icon beside the device name.
  • There you will find a menu named “Website Access Limit.” Click on it to open.
  • After clicking on the menu, you will find Access Control Mode. Select “Blacklist” from there.
  • Under the Access Control Mode, you will find a box to provide websites to block.
  • Put the following domains on the “Block Website” box:

  • Finally, tap on the Save button.

Note: Sometimes TikTok app uses other auxiliary domains. To block completely and surely, you can put all the auxiliary domains on the “Block Website” box.


How do I block TikTok on my child’s iPhone


If you are concerned about your child’s TikTok activity, you may want to restrict access to TikTok on your child’s iPhone. With Screen Time settings, you can easily do that. On the Screen Time settings, simply select the device as your child’s phone. Then, select TikTok and daily time limits. By doing this, you can easily block TikTok on your child’s iPhone.




In this discussion, we have thoroughly discussed how to block TikTok on iPhone using built-in parental control and how to block TikTok app on router. We urge you not to use these methods in any unauthorized or illegal ways or to put any unlawful intentions. If this was helpful, you might also check how to recover deleted TikTok videos or how to download videos on iPhone.

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