How to Block Websites on iPhone

How to Block Websites on iPhone

Parental controls are now necessary on devices like the iPhone and most social networking sites. Apps and web browsers have different settings, and every device your children have access to needs parental controls. Today, we will brief you on how to block websites on iPhone.


How to block websites on iPhone safely

How to block websites on iPhone safely

It is important to password-protect the website filtering settings on your child’s iPhone. Each iPhone operating system version (iOS 8 to iOS 15) has a somewhat different approach for setting up a website filter for explicit and unsuitable material. Still, we’ll go over the basics first, starting with how to block inappropriate websites on iPhone.


This path will take you to “Content Restrictions,” which will allow you to ban (most) adult content from reaching your children via websites when they’re on their iPhone.


Here’s how to block a website on iPhone


  • From the iPhone’s home screen, go to Settings
  • Choose your Screen Time
  • Choose the Content and Privacy Restrictions menu
  • Toggle on the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle switch
  • From the drop-down option, choose Content Restrictions
  • Then select Web Content
  • By tapping the Limit Adult Websites option
  • Next, tap on “Add Website” under the Never Allow option
  • Enter the website URL.

    Exploring other options for blocking websites on iPhone


    You have a plethora of choices for managing the material that an iOS device user has access to. Let’s take a look at each choice so you can make the best selection possible and set up the best controls on how to block websites on iPhone.


    Only visit sites that have been authorized


    The following is the path you may take to locate this list: Settings >Screen Time >Content & Privacy Restrictions (ensure it’s turned on) > Content Restrictions > Web Content > Allowed Websites Only>Enter the website URL


    Note: This is where you may add or remove sites from the authorized list. Under that, you’ll find Never Allow and Add Website, where you may add websites to ban. You can add websites to the Never Allow list that you want to prohibit.


    Limit adult websites

    Adult Websites Should Be Limited

    If you have been wondering how to block adult websites on my iPhone? You can automatically prohibit access to several explicit websites if you choose the Limit Adult Websites option. Always Allow and Add Website will appear below it. Furthermore, press to add websites you wish to always allow, even if they’re under the overall adult site restriction.


    To add a site to this list, follow these steps:


  • Tap Add Website at the bottom of the list of permitted websites.
  • Enter the Website’s name in the Title text box.
  • Enter the website address in the URL text box.
  • To return to the previous screen, tap Web Content (or Websites). Repeat this for as many websites as you’d like.
  • Leave the configurations. It will automatically store the sited you’ve added.

    Taking advantage of screen time

    Taking advantage of screen time

    Note: Only available on iOS 12 and up.


    The Screen Time tab in iOS keeps track of how much time you spend with each app. You may also use this to ban particular websites and establish extra use limitations for specific apps.


    Here’s what you should do to know how to restrict websites on iPhone


  • Go to Screen Time > Downtime in your Settings app.
  • Then select Turn On Downtime Until Tomorrow.
  • Or, toggle on “Scheduled”
  • Select “Ever Day” or “Customize Days”
  • Input and edit desired time

    Limit web search content for Siri


    Select Screen time from the drop-down menu under Settings. If prompted, enter your Screen Time passcode under “Content & Privacy Restrictions.” Then select “Content Restrictions” from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to Siri and select your preferences.


    You can disable these Siri functions:


  • Web Search Content: When you ask Siri a question, tap “Don’t Allow” to search the internet.
  • Explicit Language: Turn off (“Don’t Allow”) for Siri’s ability to display explicit language.

    In Summary


    Now you have a good idea on how to block websites on iPhone. This does not primarily focus on just children but some adults as well. Depending on lifestyle choices, we humans can get caught up on the wrong websites from time to time. Using the various methods mentioned, you can safeguard yourself and your family from the dangers of the dark web. To block websites on iPhone has never been easier.


    Don’t forget to check out the best free parental control apps for iPhone and how to set up parental controls on iPhone to get fully protected.

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