How to Blur a Picture on iPhone

How to Blur a Picture on iPhone (1)

It’s no secret that your new iPhone can take some slick shots. But, have you ever wondered how to blur a picture on iPhone? Because not all of your raw images will be flawless as someone or something can very well be photobombing your photo in the backdrop.

How to blur a picture on iPhone via the Blur Photo Editor app

There are a few options for blurring the background on your photos using the Photos app. Nonetheless, you can use a third-party photo blurring app such as Blur Photo Editor for better results.


A blur photo background app can effortlessly obscure areas of a photo and generate the perfect bokeh effect. The default blurring choices on your iPhone, on the other hand, only give you a bokeh effect for portrait shots.


Although the App Store has several blurred picture editing applications, not all of them are worthwhile. The Blur Photo Editor, on the other hand, is one of the most outstanding blurred photo applications for your iPhone. Simple blur, pixelate, glassy, hexa pixel, and many other blurring effects are available.


So, we will provide a walkthrough on how to blur a picture on iPhone easily. But, first, head over to the App Store and download the Blur Photo Editor App.

A guide on how to blur a picture on iPhone

Steps on how to blur a picture on iPhone
  • Open the Blur Photo Editor application
  • Choose a photograph from your Camera Roll to blur from the beginning screen
  • To apply your blurring effects to areas of your photo, touch the Blur tab on the editing screen
  • Alternatively, press the Shutter tab to focus on your subject and blur the backdrop of your shot
  • You may also use the Filters tab to choose the sort of blur you wish to use. Normal blur, pixelate, hexa pixel, and so forth
  • Once that’s done, go to the top-right corner of your screen and hit the Right-side facing arrow
  • Then, if necessary, apply any photo filters to your image
  • Finally, tap the Download icon to save and share your image.

How to blur a picture on iPhone via iPhone Photos app

Steps on how to blur a picture on iPhone (h3)

You can use the Photos app to blur an image on your iPhone without having to utilize any third-party programs. Keep in mind, though; you can only blur a photograph shot with your iPhone camera in portrait mode. It also necessitates the use of an iPhone with Portrait mode. The portrait option is available on the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 plus, and subsequent devices.


Below we will cover how to blur the backdrop of a photo taken in Portrait mode. They are as follows:

  • Control depth adjustment
  • Change portrait lighting effects

How to use the Depth Control slider to blur the backdrop in your Portrait mode images step by step

  • Open the Photos app on your phone
  • Choose a photo that was taken in Portrait mode
  • To make changes to your photo, choose Edit
  • Then, at the top of the screen, touch on the ƒ or Depth Adjustment icon
  • Reduce the value by dragging the depth adjustment slider to the left
  • The background blur of your shot will be increased by lowering the depth adjustment value.

How to blur a picture on iPhone with the help of lighting effects

How to blur a picture on iPhone using iOS Portrait lighting effects (h3)
  • Open the Photos application
  • Select any image captured in Portrait mode
  • From the top-right corner of your screen, select Edit
  • At the bottom of the shot, tap the Portrait Lighting Control sign
  • Then drag and drop a lighting effect to get the desired look
  • After that, change the strength of your lighting effect by dragging the slider right or left
  • Finally, press Done to save your image.

Ending statements


There are a variety of ways and apps to choose from in order to produce the blur effect you like on your iPhone. Furthermore, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In conclusion, the Blur Photo Editor app opens us with a plethora of creative possibilities, ranging from adding slight depth of field to giving your images a sense of depth to creating an entirely abstract piece of art.


Next, figure out how to How to Blur Background on iPhone.

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