How to Blur Out License Plate in Picture on iPhone

How to Blur out License Plate in Picture on iPhone

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You may ask why cover up license plates in pictures? It is always better to blur license plates from any photo you upload on the internet. In this age of information, data is the most significant resource. It is also the most valuable and vulnerable resource on the internet. It is valuable because everyone is consuming it, vulnerable because people can misuse your publicly open data. Suppose you are an iPhone user and took a photo of your brand-new car with an exposed license plate. Now you want to know how to blur out license plate in picture on iPhone.


Fret not; this blog post will guide you to use an app called Blur Photo Editor that takes care of many photo-related problems. Like blurring out part of a picture on your iPhone, for instance.


Apart from that third-party app, you will also learn to use the inbuilt tools to blur out your license plate conveniently.


Learn how to blur out license plate in picture on iPhone with the Blur Photo Editor app


Blur Photo Editor is exceptional for its functionality and is one of the best blurring apps in its category. This app works flawlessly to provide a solution for license plate blurring. Whether it is for hiding a license plate or getting a beautiful blur background effect on your photo, this app covers everything. So, let’s find out how to blur out license plates in picture on iPhone using the Blur Photo Editor app.

Do you need a way to hide a license plate or other vital information in a photo? Install Blur Photo Editorand use its tool to protect your data.

Here is how to blur out license plate in picture on iPhone with the Blur Photo Editor app:

how to make a license plate on a photo blurry using Blur Photo Editor
  • First, get the app from the App Store and launch it on your iPhone
  • Select the picture where you want to use the blur effect
  • At the bottom of the app interface, select the Blur tool, where you can adjust the brush size of your preference
  • While choosing the Blur tool, use your finger to apply the effect on your picture over the visible license plate
  • If you misplaced the blur effect, you could adjust that by selecting the Unblur tool and using your finger to deblur the picture
  • Now, if you are satisfied with the result, tap on the Next icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • In the following menu, you will find various filters to apply to pictures; otherwise, at the top right corner, tap the Download icon
  • The picture is automatically saved on the device storage, and now you have several options where you can share the picture


Tutorial on how to blur out a license plate of a vehicle on iPhone



Learn how to use the Photos app to blur out a license plate in a picture on iPhone


The native Photos app of your iPhone doesn’t have a dedicated blurring tool. Instead, you can use the app to help you learn how to blur license plates in a photo. You will learn to use the Markup tool on the Photos app to hide the license plate. Although not as sophisticated as the Blur Photo Editor, it gets the work done in an emergency. Instead of blurring, you will blackout the license plate to hide it from others on the internet.


Steps on how to blur license plate on iPhone using the Photos app:

steps on how to blur out a license plate on iPhone using the Photos app
  • Launch the Photos app
  • Select the picture you want to edit
  • Now, tap on the Markup tool icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • On the following Markup tool menu, choose the highlighter pen and set its color to black
  • Next, zoom into your picture to make the license plate bigger on your screen
  • Use the highlighter to black out the license plate
  • Tap on Done to finalize your editing
  • Finally, select the Done icon again on the following menu to save the picture on your iPhone




The Blur Photo Editor outperforms the other approaches outlined in this blog article. You may, however, utilize the native Photos app, which has a Markup tool that allows you to conceal your license plate. Furthermore, having an app that will enable you to hide personal information is advantageous. The procedure for that is not complex, and apps like Blur Photo Editor can make it easy for you. We hope this article on how to blur out license plate in picture on iPhone covers every necessary information.


This article gives you information on photo blurring. If you want this effect on videos, you may want to check our article on how to blur part of a video. Alternately you can explore our list of the best video blur apps.

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