How to Blur Something in a Video or a Photo on iPhone

How to Blur Something in a Video or a Photo on iPhone

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An iPhone has a very powerful camera that is perfect for shooting high-quality videos or photos. However, this might result in great pictures or videos ruined by something or someone in the background. For that, you’d need to know how to blur something in a video or a photo on your iPhone.


Luckily for you, you don’t need to be an expert for censoring something. All you need is a photo and video blurring apps for your iPhone, like the Blur Video Background and Blur Photo Editor.

Learn how to blur something in a video on iPhone


With your iPhone, you can capture stunning and important moments shared with family and friends. Sometimes some of these captured shots contain embarrassing scenes that need to be hidden. Or, to protect the identity of someone, you might need to know how to blur face in video on iPhone.

Want to learn how to blur something in a video on iPhone? Install the Blur Video Background app for free for your iPhone from the App Store.

Though several video editing apps are available on the App Store with video blurring features, not all are good. The Blur Video Background is a specialized app with blurring and pixelating effects. Additionally, it can be considered to be one of the best video blur apps for iPhone.


Here we’ve discussed two best ways on how to blur out something in a video on iPhone:

  • Blur Video Background app
  • iMovie app

Here’s how to blur something in a video on iPhone with the Blur Video Background app:


Do you want to find out how to blur part of a video on your iPhone? Just use the Blur Video Background app to censor or pixelate any parts of your clip with great ease. To know how to do it, follow the steps below:

How to blur part of a video on iPhone – Blur Video Background app
  • Launch the Blur Video Background app.
  • Select your video to be blurred from its location – Gallery, Camera & My Videos.
  • On the editing page, tap the toggle bar to select the Blur or Pixelate effects.
  • Select the shape of blurring path from the bottom task bar. Choose between Circle and Rectangle.
  • Once you’re video blurring is complete, tap the Upload icon.
  • Select the video quality to determine the size of your video. The options are 4K, Full HD 1080P, HD 720P & Normal 480P.
  • Once your video clip is created, you can Save to Camera Roll or share it with Facebook, Instagram, Drive, etc.

Here’s how to blur something in a video on iPhone with the iMovie app:

iMovie app 01
  • Download a blurred or black picture on your iPhone.
  • Then launch the iMovie app.
  • To start a new iMovie project, tap the Plus + button and select Movie. Or you could use existing projects.
  • Find and choose your video and tap Create Movie.
To superimpose the blurred or black photo over your video:
  • Tap on the Plus + icon and select Photos to find your image.
  • Once found, select your picture and tap on the three dots icon.
  • Then choose the Picture in Picture option.
iMovie app 02
Once your picture appears on the editing page:
  • Edit and drag the photo to blur something on your video.
  • Make sure you’d apply the blur for the complete length of the video if required.
Once your video is complete:
  • Tap Done to save your finished video on iMovie Projects.
  • Or, tap on the Upload icon to share your blurred video.

Find out how to blur out part of a picture on iPhone with the Blur Photo Editor app


It is not unheard of to accumulate hundreds of photos with your iPhone camera. With how powerful the camera is, the resultant pictures are also of superb quality. Sometimes the perfect snap can be ruined by something or someone. Or, for instance, you’d want to make your images more striking by achieving background blur. Or you’d like to blur someone’s face from your pictures. For all these, you’d require a photo blur app.

Want to find out how to blur something in a picture on iPhone? Download the Blur Photo Editor app for free from the App Store.

You could achieve some level of blur with the iPhone portrait mode pictures, but they aren’t of good quality. If you’re wondering how to blur the background in pictures on iPhone, then the Blur Photo app is the best option.


Here’s how to blur an image on iPhone with the Blur Photo app:

How to Pixelate an image on iPhone – Blur Photo Editor app
  • Open the Blur photo Editor app.
  • Select a photo from your Camera Roll. Or take a picture using the Camera icon.
  • Adjust your brush size on the blur editing page by tapping on the Brush icon.
  • Apply from the list of the basic blur, pixelate, glass, and many more photo blurring effects.
  • Once done, tap on the right-facing arrow from top-right corner of the screen.
  • A photo filter section appears; tap on the Download button to save your blurred photo.



Censoring a photo or a video is part of the editing process. It is often used to hide someone’s identity or an object. Sometimes adding blur to the background can enhance your picture or film. Thankfully, you could easily blur your images and videos through iPhone apps. The Blur Video Background and Blur Photo Editor are the best content-defocusing apps for your iPhone.


Suppose you’d want more professional editors with more features. In that case, you could check out the Video Editor and Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad.

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