How to Buy More Storage on iPhone

How to Buy More Storage on iPhone

Many folks don’t know that iPhone storage cannot actually be expanded beyond what your iPhone originally included when you bought it. In reality, to upgrade iCloud storage does not improve the actual space available on your iPhone. Today, we will explain how to buy more storage on iPhone.


How to buy more storage on iPhone using a simple method

How to buy more storage on iPhone using a simple method

Fun fact: The first iPhone had only 8GB of storage when released.

Every single Apple account comes equipped with 5 Gigabytes of free iCloud storage. Apple’s cloud platform, called iCloud, is where you can store anything. If you run out of overall space in the cloud and need more than the free 5GB of iCloud space, thus you can sync extra data with iCloud.

There is no need to download anything. You can utilize any of your fields as long as you have access to the internet. Of course, this won’t assist you much if you’re on a plane or have restricted data.


Here’s how to buy more storage on iPhone using iCloud

Here's how to buy more storage on iPhone using iCloud

If you want to learn how to buy storage on iPhone via iCloud storage, you can do it on your iPhone and simply buy iCloud storage.


  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings menu
  • Located at the upper part screen on your iPhone, tap Apple ID
  • Select iCloud option
  • Tap on Manage Storage
  • Change the desired storage plan by tapping on it
  • To increase the storage, select one of the following plans

    Note: You can also lower your desired storage plan under the Manage Store option. Afterward, simply select the Downgrade Plan. This will take action at the beginning of your next payment month.


    Innovative ways on how to manage storage on iPhone


    Because we shoot a lot of photographs, watch a lot of TV shows, and download every app on the App Store without thinking about it. It’s now possible to shoot hundreds of photos with an iPhone in seconds. Remove all the fuzzy, out-of-focus images from your collection and save only the ones you need. If you do this at least once a week, you’ll notice that items are not just more accessible. Still, you’ll also have more storage space for other important stuff like iPhone backups.


    How much storage should you actually get on iPhone


    Although the new base model capacity for all iPhones in 2022 is rather sufficient for most, we would always recommend going with at least 128GB. The majority of folks will be satisfied with 128GB. For the ordinary user, 1TB is a bit much, but 256GB and 512GB will seem like an unlimited amount of storage on your iPhone.


    Why iCloud should be used on your iPhone


    After choosing the finest iPhone for you, it’s time to consider your iCloud options. You should utilize iCloud even if you decide to go all out and get the most costly option. With iCloud, you can actually access your files from anywhere. As a result, you may use them on your PC or Mac, iPads, and iPhones. iCloud can do so much more than just store your files. It’s also used to back up apps and restore systems.


    To wrap things up


    As you now see, to buy storage for iPhone isn’t actually purchasing raw storage but rather online storage via iCloud. Nonetheless, iCloud is still the go-to way on how to buy more storage on iPhone so that you don’t clog up your iPhone with junk all the time.


    By the way, don’t forget to check out how to free up storage on iPhone and how to manage storage on iPhone to learn more tips and tricks.

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