How to Change Battery Color on iPhone

The battery icon is an important part of your iPhone’s status bar. Its symbol indicates how much juice is remaining in your iPhone and gives you an estimate of how long you could use your iPhone before it needs to be charged. Depending on the state of your iPhone, the battery icon displays different hues, and this depends on not only the battery charge but also the appearance of the display. This guide will show you how to change battery color on iPhone.


However, if you want to customize your battery icon color based on your choice, then you’ll be sorely disappointed. You only have a few different color options, and some of them can only be available under specific circumstances. Here we’ll show all the possible ways how to change the color of your battery icon on your iPhone.


How to change battery color on iPhone?


First of all, you’d need to know the colors that you can turn your battery icon into. You get the white or black color battery icon depending upon the appearance of your iPhone display. The red color is when you’re iPhone charge is dangerously low, the green when you’re iPhone is charging, and the yellow is when you enable the Low Power Mode. You can also get the blue and purple battery icon by making some tweaks on your iPhone Settings.


How to get a white or black iPhone battery icon?


It would have been cool to have a battery icon color changer function on your iPhone. Sadly, we don’t have such features so we’ll make do with what we have. The color of your iPhone’s battery icon will be white or black. Unless the charge on your iPhone is critically low, the color will remain the same.


As we’ve said earlier, the white or black depends on the appearance of your iPhone’s display. This means that when your display is in the Light mode, then the battery color would be black, and if it is in the Dark mode, then the color would be white. So by changing the display of your iPhone, you can switch between black or white battery icon color.


Here’s how to change battery color on iPhone to black or white:

  • Launch the “Settings” app
  • Scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness”
  • After that, choose whether you want the “Light” or the “Dark” mode.


How to change battery color on iPhone to red and green?

In this part, we’ll find out when and why you get red or green battery indicator color on your iPhone.


When does my iPhone get the red battery icon?


Your battery icon is red when your iPhone is running low on juice. Having a red battery indicator is not a good sign, and we should actively try to avoid reaching this state. The only way to get a red battery color is to use up more than 90% of your charge. However, you’ll get a Low Battery warning on your iPhone, and you won’t be able to do much of anything.


What does the green iPhone battery icon mean?


Another color for your iPhone battery icon is green. You get this color when you’re charging your iPhone. In fact, you don’t just get a green color icon but also a lightning symbol on your battery icon during the charging process. You can consider the green battery color as your iPhone charging icon.


Why is my iPhone battery icon white, not green, when charging?


If you attach your charger to your iPhone and the color is still white rather than green, your charger has a problem. So you should immediately check your iPhone charger for any faults or try using another charger.


Why is my iPhone battery indicator color yellow?


Yellow is the color you get when you enable the Low Power Mode on your iPhone. This is normally done to extend the battery charge of your iPhone by running everything in a power-saving mode. So now you know what does the yellow battery color on iPhone means.


Here’s how to get your iPhone battery icon yellow color:

  • Open the “Settings” app
  • Next, scroll down and tap on “Battery”
  • After that, turn on the toggle switch for “Low Power Mode”


Why is my iPhone battery indicator yellow instead of green when charging?


When you connect your iPhone charger to your iPhone, the battery indicator is supposed to show a green color with a lightning symbol. However, under specific circumstances, there might be different outcomes. So, if your iPhone is on the Low Power Mode and then you connect your iPhone to a charger, then your battery indicator will remain yellow instead of green.


How to change battery color on iPhone to blue or purple?


An interesting function on your iPhone is that you can get a blue or purple battery icon if you make some tweaks. The Classic Invert feature on your iPhone reverses all the colors on your display. It is mainly done to quickly switch from the Light to Dark mode or vice versa.


Here’s how to change battery color on iPhone to blue:

  • Turn on the “Low Power Mode” from Settings > Battery
  • Next, tap on “Accessibility” on your Settings
  • Then tap on “Display & Text Size”
  • After that, turn on the toggle switch for “Classic Invert”


Here’s how to change battery color on iPhone to purple:

  • Connect your iPhone to your charger
  • Next, launch the Settings app
  • Then scroll down and tap on “Accessibility”
  • After that, tap on “Display & Text Size”
  • Finally, turn on the toggle switch for “Classic Invert”


How to display battery percentage on iPhone?


If you’re using iPhone 8 or older models, you could display the battery percentage on the status bar. To turn on the toggle switch for battery percentage, open the Settings app, pick Battery, and then turn it on.


If you’re using newer iPhone models, the only way to display the battery percentage is to install the battery widget on the home screen. To add the battery widget on your iPhone, touch and hold on to the empty space of your home screen until all the icons start to jiggle. Then tap on the “Plus +” icon located at the top-left of the screen. Next, locate the battery widget and tap on “Add Widget” to add it to your iPhone home screen.


In addition, you can view the battery percentage on your iPhone by swiping down on the right side of your home screen to open the Control Center.




Your iPhone is an amazing device that offers some impressive features. So it is not uncommon for an iPhone user to attempt to personalize various aspects of their iPhone. However, there are some limitations to the amount of customization you’re allowed by Apple. Changing the battery icon color is one of them.


In this guide, we’ve tried to answer how to change battery color on iPhone. Hopefully, you’ve found our detailed guide very helpful, and also check out a similar guide: How to Change Keyboard Color on iPhone.

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