How to Change into Fancy Fonts for iPhone

Article By: Nasim Usman - April 19, 2021, Last Modified: December 9, 2021

The Beginning

Since the rollout of iOS 13, Apple has added the ability to customize letters and use fancy fonts on iPhone. This added accessibility has quickly become popular and is being used by many users. So how to change and install cool fonts on your iPhone instead of using the default ones?

Download the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app for free from the App Store and equip your iPhone with hundreds of personalization tools. Change font styles, keyboards background, emojis, and cool symbols with ease through the swiftest adjustments

Custom text fonts and themes always create a unique visual representation to both users and readers. We use different typeface fonts, styles, themes in iPhone and iPad based on our typing style. Unique fonts with a polished keyboard look can effectively improve your texts’ engagement and create an appealing appearance to readers and connections.

It only takes a few touches and simple procedures to install various font types from Fonts & Keyboard for iPhone app. Go over a convenient step-by-step guide in the next section.

How to Install Fancy Fonts | Fonts & Keyboard for iPhone

This Fonts & Keyboard for iPhone app houses an extensive collection of fancy fonts and keyboard themes. Navigating through the whole process is effortless as it requires close to no operations at all.

Install App & Enable

install cool fonts from the app setting

To start using cool text fonts on your iPhone, install the Fontix – Fonts & Keyboard app from the App Store. The app is free to download with tons of improved customization options, including fonts, keyboards, and such.

Upon installation, the first thing to do is allowing with necessary permissions requested by the application. When it’s ready, open the app and tap on settings. You’ll find a menu at the very top saying “Fonts”; tap on that. Now you have access to all the fancy text and free fonts to choose from from. Apply aesthetic fonts, cute fonts, fancy letters for different purposes, and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Change Font Directly from Keyboard

change the stylish font from Keyboard

Once the settings have taken place, changing the font on iPhone is the simplest job ever. This font generator app makes it so easy that you don’t have to open the application again. Just open any app where you can use the keyboard and enable typing mode. Then locate the “Font” icon on the keyboard’s top left bar and tap on it. You’ll see all your personal fonts listed from where it’s easy to select, change, and try them all out.

Play with available styles varying from calligraphy letters to Instagram fonts, aesthetic text to all the different fonts for maximum personalization. Improve the overall appearance and charm of your messages and contents through this game-changer app’s incredible collection of font styles.

How to change fonts on iPhone (Video tutorial)

Apply Fancy & Aesthetic Emoji


Interacting with emojis has become widely popular, especially on social media platforms. This is why it’s one of the most common features of any keyboards these days, and this amazing font changer app is no different. It comes with nearly thousands of emojis ranging from all kinds of categories. Using it is also a straightforward and painless process.


Similar to the fancy font application, enable your typing mode using any app and bring up the keyboard. Tap the “Emoji” icon placed in the top left bar and discover hundreds of reactions and symbols at the tip of your hand.

It’s been a long since words were enough to keep up with the digital media’s pace and blend in with the social world. Along with the versatile text art feature, this emoticon resource helps you enunciate your verbal expressions more clearly and easily.

Add Keyboard Theme


While it’s not directly a fancy font changing feature, redesigning the keyboard theme and background certainly emphasizes the words’ appearance. Cool letters with nice fonts and aesthetic keyboard context create a combination of the perfect taste of your designing sense. This app offers one of the best keyboards settings with adjustable layouts and backgrounds, with the operation being so easy.

To select a custom iPhone keyboard theme, tap on the Background icon situated in your keyboard’s top left bar’s corner. A number of themes will be visible instantly where you can either select a landscape, popular blue or yellow aesthetic background, or abstract layout and completely change your iPhone screen’s look. With the amazing collection of font styles and keyboard themes, the Fontix app is considered to be one of the best font apps for iPhone.

How to change keyboard color on iPhone (Video tutorial)

Wrap Up

Customizing iPhone to enable cool new fonts and experimenting with words has never been more accessible and more exciting. Fonts & Keyboard for iPhone is clearly the best font app out there with all the fancy fonts packed with emojis and beautiful keyboard themes.

If you are looking to change your iPhone keyboard and letter style, try out and explore alternatives, this is the solution to go with. Follow our simple guide on how to change into fancy fonts for iPhone and install the app today.

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