How to Change Memoji on iPhone

How to Change Memoji on iPhone

A way of entertainment most iOS device users don’t want to miss is creating and sharing Memoji on their iPhone or iPad. It’s intuitive, and users of any age can find it amusing. Before going straight to the solution of how to change Memoji on iPhone, first, let’s get a clear concept of what this Memoji is?


It is a pack of animated emojis integrated on iMessage or Facetime that tracks facial expressions and depicts users’ posture via a compatible iPhone or iPad front camera. Once the app is on, the chosen emoji mimics the expression, which can later be shared to iMessage or Facetime conversation.


To use this fun-filled module of the iMessage and Facecam, you have to make sure your Apple device supports this. It must be noted that older models of iPhone don’t support this function. If you own an iPhone X or newer models with iOS version 12, you are good to go with the Memoji function.


On the other hand, iPad Pro (3rd generation) devices are compatible with the Memoji modules. Now, as the whole memoji concept and its compatibilities are clear to you, let’s learn how to edit Memoji on iPhone and iPad.


How to change Memoji on iPhone: Easy steps


Changing and using Memoji is easy. If you are new to the iOS family, this quick step-by-step process will quickly guide you to using this interesting app on your iPhone and iPad. Below are the procedures to create and edit your memoji character in the latest iPhone and iPad:


Step-1: Locate the memoji tab on your iMessage

Locate memoji on iMessage

If you have been an iPhone or iPad user for years, especially the newer models, you must know where to find the memoji function. However, if you are a new Apple user, this is how to locate and launch the memoji feature.


Locating the memoji function on your iPhone


  • Open the iMessage app on your iPhone
  • Tap on New message or open the existing message conversation
  • You will find the app icon at the left of the text input box. Tap that.
  • Now you can get the memoji tab right above the keyboard interface
  • The tab is located in the middle with funny faces as a memoji app icon.

    Step-2: Select a memoji for editing

    Select memoji for editing

    Once you have located the memoji app on your iMessage, the next mission is to dig out how to change memoji on iPhone. For that, you have to enter into the memoji app. Once you have done that, you will see many memojis. Select one from the list that you wish to change. Following that, you have to tap the 3 dots at the top left corner of the interface. It will launch the edit options.


    Step-3: Apply changes to your memoji

    Customize emoji

    On this step, tap the 3 dots at the left top corner. Several options will come up against the selected memoji, including Edit, Duplicate or Delete. Select the Edit option for editing and modifying the selected memoji.


    Now you can custom tweak the memoji, including facial shape, color, style, and several other visual characteristics. You can even include extra accessories to your memoji to make it more outstanding. Once done, tap ‘Done’ to finalize the changes and come out from the interface to the main memoji keyboard.


    Now your custom memoji is ready to share on iMessage or Facecam. On your next conversation in Facecam or iMessage chat conversation, you can select and share your new memoji. At this point, new iPhone users must be wondering how to create a memoji in the first place.


    How to create your memoji from the scratch

    Creating new memoji

    By now, you must have an answer to the query about how to change memoji on iPhone. However, keeping new users in mind, the question arises about making a memoji firsthand. The default memoji list might not be enough. So, you must be looking for a way to create one from scratch. Our bonus tips are all about that. Let’s find out how to create a memoji on iPhone quickly and easily.


    Steps of creating new memoji for iMessage or Facecam


  • Launch iMessage and tap on the new message compose or existing chat
  • Tap the memoji option with faces on its icon.
  • Swipe right, and you will get a + icon. Tapping it will allow you to create a new memoji
  • Use the facial customization menu to create a new memoji from scratch
  • Once done making a new memoji, tap Done to finalize it.

    Once you have made your own memoji, you can use them as stickers. You don’t have to create a sticker all over again, iMessage uses your memoji to create custom stickers. So, while chatting on iMessage or on Facecam, you have to open your iMessage keyboard followed by memoji stickers. All custom stickers are right there for you. Simply select one and tap on the Send option to share it on the iMessage conversation.




    We have tried to answer you on how to change memoji on iPhone in simple steps through this writing. Your iPhone and iPad are packed with similar interesting, fun-filled apps. Also, interesting functions that you may or may not be accustomed to. If you want to learn about the useful utility and productivity apps, or other tricks and tips on your iPhone and iPad, stay with us and keep reading Applavia blogs.

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