How to Clean Junk Files on Mac

How to Clean Junk Files on Mac

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Mac is illustrious, at least in contrast to other competitors in the market. However, this well-optimized device also needs occasional maintenance. Regular Mac usage often stores up temp files, cookies, and several other redundant files that eventually slow down the device’s performance. So, the question lies, how to clean junk files on Mac? Stay put, as we got the most optimistic solution just for you.


Mac doesn’t need too much maintenance. An efficient cleaner, however, is always a good backup to keep things tidy, especially in a time when a Mac handles tons of files and content every day. This pursues us to try several junk-cleaning tools. However, one particular software took our attention on the way. It’s called Mackeeper. It is a complete solution as far as junk cleaning in Mac is concerned.

Duplicate file tracking and memory cleaning has never been so easy. Try Mackeeper to get rid of redundant files, temp copies, and browser cookies with style and keep your Mac lightning fast.

What are junk files in Mac


When we talk about junk files, the spectrum of the content we refer to is way bigger than unwanted files in folders. Junk files can be temp files, old redundant content, language files, iTunes cache, file download leftovers, file extensions, mail attachments, duplicate media, user log files, as well as Internet cache and cookies.

Infographics showing at least 10 types of junk files on Mac

Now you must be wondering how these junks take over your Mac and the signs of access accumulation of redundant content on your device. Admit it; your Mac processes lots of content management activities each day. Starting with downloading files, creating, managing, and deleting media content, regular browsing and sharing, as well as general internet activities.


All these activities leave a trace of logs and leftovers on your Mac which eventually piles up on the Mac storage if they remain unattended. The eventual result is leggy performance and slow response, not forgetting the storage shortage that follows shortly.


How to clean junk files on Mac | Two easy methods


Let’s talk solution. There are several ways you can manage junk on your Mac. The default memory cleaning process is convenient and can be done anytime. However, we suggest using an app specialized in managing and cleaning unwanted files as it is much more effective.


How to get rid of junk files on Mac using third-party apps


Mackeeper, for instance, provides easy junk cleaning facilities in two ways. The cleaning module contains a duplicate finder. With just two clicks, it finds duplicate files and removes them instantly. This segment of the software also integrates a powerful safe cleanup function as well as a smart uninstaller that leaves no residue behind while removing an app from Mac.


On the other hand, the Performance module of this software also includes a dedicated memory cleaner function. The newly integrated feature has an advanced RAM checker and cleaner function. Simply click the CLEAN MEMORY QUICKLY button, and the app calculates and frees-up memory automatically.


Other third-party junk cleaner apps you may consider


We have mentioned beforehand that there are many junk file cleaners for Mac. Nevertheless, it is crucial to get your hand on products that genuinely clean clutters from your Apple workstation. This is because there are plenty of spam apps on the internet that comes in disguise. They actually harm your Mac rather than optimize.


Our analyzers have gone through some extra miles and searched through the internet. They have come up with apps like MacCleaner Pro or CleanMyMac X. All of these are powerful junk cleaner software for Mac and don’t depreciate your Mac performance.


How to clean junk files using Mac- default functions


While selective third-party software is highly recommended for cleaning junk files, Mac has some own tricks up its sleeve.


Cleaning cache and temp files from Mac

cleaning cache and temp files process

When asked how to clean junk files on Mac, the in-built feature includes a dedicated cache and temporary file manager option. To get that, you have to follow the steps highlighted below:


  • Close all running Mac apps
  • Click Finder followed by Go
  • Now you will get Go to Folder. Click that as well
  • On the input box, type “? /Library/Caches” and click the Go button or press Enter
  • This will open a group of folders
  • Open each folder and delete all cache files in them
  • Next, remove all files from the Trash, followed by restarting your Mac

    Cleaning junk log files from Mac

    cleaning log files process

    In case Log files are bothering your system and are taking up extra spaces, the process of removing them is pretty much the same. This is how it goes:


  • Close all open or running Mac applications
  • Click Finder followed and press Enter
  • Now you will have “Go to Folder”. Click it
  • On the input box, type “? /Library/Logs” and hit Go or Enter
  • This will open a group of folders.
  • Select all folders and hit Command + Backspace
  • With this step, all logs will be sent to Trash
  • Next, delete all log files from the Trash, followed by restarting your system

    There are several other built-in tricks to boost Mac performance, mostly by managing and minimizing the junk files, and Mackeeper covers pretty much all. Nevertheless, when your Mac is on relentless duty and serving your purpose effectively and efficiently every day, it deserves scheduled maintenance with or without junk cleaning software. A sheer idea of how to clean junk files on Mac extends its lifetime and boosts the performance throughout the time.


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