How to Clear RAM on Mac

How to Clear RAM on Mac



The processor of your computer requires RAM to work efficiently. A powerful machine like a Mac will struggle to work if it doesn’t have enough RAM. New Macs come with RAM from the latest generation. However, depending on the applications and video games you’re using, your Mac’s RAM may not be able to deliver optimal performance. So how to clear RAM on Mac to improve performance?


In that situation, MacKeeper, an outstanding multi-purpose tool, is a good choice. It will look after your Mac’s RAM and other components. You may also use CleanMyMac X for the same purpose, which is an alternate but comparable program. This article on how to clear ram on Mac will go through all the options accessible to you.


How to clear RAM on Mac on your own


Before you install an application on your Mac, you may try on your own to clear the RAM on Mac. It might not provide an efficient solution, but sometimes the simple step has the quickest solution. The inbuilt Activity Monitor tool on your Mac has the option to find and close the application that strangles the RAM performance.


Alternately, you can Restart your Mac to see if the performance of your Mac is stable. If it doesn’t work, try the instructions below to learn how to clear RAM on Mac by using the Activity Monitor.


Steps on how to clear up RAM on Mac with the Activity Monitor:

Step by step procedure on how to clear RAM on Mac with the Activity Monitor
  • First, open Spotlight by pressing Command + Space, then type Activity Monitor to discover it.
  • Then, from the Memory tab, find the application consuming an unusual amount of RAM.
  • Select the application and then click on the Stop button in the upper left corner of the Activity Monitor window.
  • Finally, you can choose to Quit/Force Quit to stop the application.

How to clean RAM on Mac by utilizing the MacKeeper application


The MacKeeper is one application that can fix many problems with your Mac device. Apart from cleaning RAM, it has an Adware cleaner, a robust Antivirus system, cleans junk files, and many more tools to improve your Mac’s performance. The best thing about this application is its intuitive interface. MacKeeper manages to provide all the tools in a straightforward dashboard. Now, let’s find out from the steps below how to clean RAM on Mac with the MacKeeper application.


Steps on how to clear memory on mac by utilizing the MacKeeper application:

step by step guide on how to clean RAM on Mac with the MacKeeper application
  • First, download and install the MacKeeper application on your Mac.
  • Now, launch the app and from the left side of the dashboard, click on the Memory Cleaner tool.
  • Wait for the application to scan and free up memory on Mac automatically.

Learn how to utilize the CleanMyMac X to reduce application memory usage on Mac


Another intuitive third-party utility tool for Mac is the CleanMyMac X application. It is a macOS cleaner, malware remover, and at the same time, a performance monitor application. CleanMyMac X can scan your entire Mac system to find possible issues limiting your device’s performance. All in all, cleaning RAM with this application is a simple process. You will see that from the steps below.


Steps on how to clean RAM on Mac with the CleanMyMac X application:

step by step process on how to clean RAM on Mac with the CleanMyMac X application
  • Download, install and launch the CleanMyMac X application on your device.
  • From the left side of the app’s dashboard, click on Maintenance.
  • Then, select Free Up RAM and click on Run to start the process.
  • Wait for the app to perform the cleaning process automatically.

Final thoughts


Random Access Memory (RAM) is the essential device for a computer. Mac devices are best known for utilizing the full potential of RAM. However, depending on the application you are running, the performance of RAM can be significantly diminished. In this article about how to clean RAM on Mac, we have provided multiple solutions to fix the issue. On the other end, you may use MacKeeper and CleanMyMac X applications to get rid of adware viruses on Mac.


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