How to Combine PDF Files on Mac

Article By: Hess Brown - August 10, 2022
How to Combine PDF Files on Mac – 1

PDF format is stubborn compared to other editable word files when in need, and you know it. But some tricks make even a non-editable PDF file pretty much configurable, for instance, adding annotation or images. We have already covered an article that explains how to add an image to a PDF in Preview on Mac. Therefore, this content will be about another topic you might find useful while handling multiple PDF files. Here we will explain how to combine PDF files on Mac so that PDF file management gets more convenient for you.


We will explain two simple ways. This includes the Preview, which is the default app of the Mac. We have also explained one of the reliable third-party apps you can choose and install on the Mac to merge PDF files. The Preview app is already a convenient one for combining multiple PDF pages, but now we can recommend a good third-party app that does the same with more convenience.

Highlight, annotate, merge or modify any PDF files in a blink of an eye. Introducing pdfFiller. This app will never let you down when it comes to PDF file editing and enhancing.

How to combine PDF files on Mac using the Preview app

We will describe the most basic process at first, and that is using the Preview app on the Mac. Preview is an app that comes in default on Mac. It is well-built and can handle images and PDF file configurations whenever required. One useful function Preview can easily offer is combining multiple PDF files into one.


To stitch multiple files into a single one, begin the process by opening the folder with multiple PDF documents you wish to merge on your Mac. Next, open a document on the Preview. This will show you the PDF file. Hit the thumbnails view option at the top left side of the menu and choose Thumbnails from the dropdown menu. This will give you thumbnail pages on the left side of the interface.


Now click and drag the PDF document from the PDF list to the thumbnail space right below the existing thumbnail page. Follow the same process every time you need to add a new PDF page. You don’t need to hit save, as Preview combines them automatically into a single file once pages are added to the thumbnail space.


Quick steps for merging PDF files on Mac

Merge multiple PDF files on Mac using Preview app
  • Open the folder containing PDF files.
  • Launch a PDF document using the Preview app.
  • Hit the Thumbnail view option at the top left corner to get the page preview at the left.
  • Drag and drop the PDF file to the thumbnail space right after the existing PDF page.
  • Continue adding new PDF pages when necessary on the thumbnail space of the Preview.
  • Preview automatically combine PDF pages once added,
  • Or, simply choose Export as PDF.

Combining multiple PDF files using a third-party app

Merge pdf files using pdfFiller app

The next most convenient method that solves the puzzle of how to combine PDF files on Mac is by using a reliable third-party PDF modifier app. We used pdfFiller for this purpose and found it very useful. You can use the downloaded version of the app from the App Store or simply use the online tool of this product in case you haven’t installed the app yet.

Merge pdf files using pdfFiller app 02

Most top PDF editor apps for Mac have dedicated functions that merge PDF pages into a single file. pdfFiller, for instance, you automatically get page thumbnails on the left once launched using a pdf file. All you need to do is drag and drop a PDF page in the thumbnail space at the bottom of the already existing PDF file. Then, save the file, and your newly added pdf page will be stitched with the existing file.


Final thoughts


A good PDF editor is powerful enough to handle most PDF editing functions. Therefore, if your enquiry is about how to combine PDF files on Mac, it is supposed to be a simple task for any high-end PDF editor apps on Mac. Even the default app, like the Preview, merges multiple PDF files without fail.


Next comes the big question. Is it possible to get the same PDF modifying facilities using an iPhone? The answer would be yes. A superb app like Scanner App – PDF Editor allows plenty of modifications on the scanned document and instantly turns it into a PDF. Using this app, you can also merge multiple image files and export them as a single PDF file.

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