How to Combine Voice Memos on iPhone

How to Combine Voice Memos on iPhone – 2

The built-in voice recorder app for the iPhone is called Voice Memos. However, you are unable to pause audio recordings. As a result, we frequently have to cut off records areas when no one is speaking or mix various voice recording segments. If you are on the hunt to figure out how to combine voice memos on iPhone, a third-party app is your best bet.


How to combine voice memos on iPhone using Voice Recorder & Memos Pro app


On the iPhone, Voice Memos is a built-in application for making voice recordings. However, it’s only a basic voice recorder with no editing capabilities. To merge voice recordings, you’ll need to use a third-party app such as the Voice Recorder & Memos Pro app to combine the voice memos on iPhone.


It’s one of the best tools to record voices and combine them on iPhone.

How to combine voice memos on iPhone using Voice Recorder & Memos Pro app
  • Download Voice Recorder and Memos Pro from the App Store.
  • Select Mix from the App’s menu. There will be a list of all the recordings. Choose the recordings you want to combine.
  • You’ll be taken to the page for merging audio recordings. You can also merge only the necessary portions of recordings.
  • After you’ve mixed all your voice recordings, click Save combined voice recording to store on your iPhone.

You can also transfer voice memos to a computer and merge or combine the recordings using any application. Because it is a lengthy procedure, using an app will be beneficial and time-saving.


How to merge tracks in GarageBand


Using GarageBand, you can combine or bounce any number of unmuted tracks. If you’ve reached the maximum number of tracks for a recording but still want to add more audio, such as a voice recording, this is a good option.


When you combine tracks, a single track containing a stereo audio file in a new copy of the song is created. You can alter the original songs in the My Songs browser if you have access to the original music.


Here’s how to combine tracks in GarageBand

how to combine tracks in GarageBand
  • To choose a track header, tap it, then press it twice. Then tap Merge.
  • Tap the circles for the extra tracks you wish to merge in the track header section.
  • In the upper-right corner, tap Merge.

The combined tracks are replaced with a single Audio Recorder track in a fresh copy of the song. The original song may still be found in the My Songs section.


Where do iPhone voice memos go while they’re not in use?

  • Voice memos on iPhone are saved to the device’s internal storage.
  • They can also back up your files to iCloud.

Is it possible to save voice memos on your iPhone?


Yes, you may download voice memos from your iPhone to any device you like that has a sharing option. This is useful as one may want to share a voice memo with someone that doesn’t use an iPhone.


Is it possible to recover lost voice notes on an iPhone?


If the deleted recordings are still in the recently deleted folder, you can download them there as long as you haven’t permanently deleted the audio recordings.


In summary


As you can see, there are alternatives to everything on the iPhone. This post has covered how to combine voice memos on iPhone. You are free to select the method that you believe will work best for you.


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