How to Connect YouTube to TV from iPhone – A Complete Guide

Article By: Hess Brown - June 26, 2022, Last Modified: July 2, 2022
How to Connect Youtube to TV from iPhone

You must admit that home electronics are far smarter and way more convenient than they used to be. A good resemblance of that development reflects in your TV at home. Well, It’s not boxy anymore! Besides the fact that a smart TV lost most of its carbs, and also got smarter. Now, our smart TVs can connect wirelessly to iPhone devices and smartphones. You don’t need external devices or cables to cast YouTube videos from iPhone to Smart TV, and the process is pretty easy. So, simply stick with our super-easy guide that explains how to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone.


How to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone | Benefits of wireless casting


Before we explain how to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone, let us first explain why people look for this process. YouTube on your iPhone has many additional goodies that take convenient entertainment to a whole new level, starting with the YouTube video casting.


The dedicated ‘Watch on TV’ makes the video casting one tap away, and most importantly, the process is wireless. This makes you sit back on your couch and enjoy the video on a big TV screen streamed directly from your iPhone. No need for dangling connector cables or USB dongles. If that justifies why YouTube video casting is so in-demand, it’s time to explain how you should cast YouTube to TV from iPhone.


A guide on how to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone

Few steps showing youtube app video cast on TV from iPhone

You should have several items available when decided to cast a show from your iPhone to a smart TV. By now, you must have a clue that you need your iPhone and a smart TV. Next, ensure the iPhone and smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network. Now, your task is to cast the YouTube video; therefore, your iPhone must have the YouTube app. If these conditions are all checked, this is how the next process goes:


Steps of video cast YouTube from iPhone to Smart TV

  • Launch the YouTube app on your iPhone.
  • Find the Cast icon (A WiFi signal on a horizontal screen) at the top portion of the app.
  • Hit the screencast icon, and your iPhone will scan out the Smart TV.
  • Select the TV that has come out after scanning.
  • Once connected, you will see all ongoing processes on iPhone get duplicated on the TV.
  • Now choose the video you like to cast on your TV screen.
  • Once done watching the video, tap on the Cast icon again
  • Following that, tap Disconnect

Please note that the newer version of the iPhone, iOS 14 or later, requires YouTube permission to connect to a smart TV.


Now, as you have learned how to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone, it’s time to make this more fun. Do you know that not only you can cast YouTube on TV, but you can also use the YouTube app on your iPhone as a remote for TV? The process is pretty simple. Simply launch the app and tap the cast option. After that, tap the remote icon. You will get a virtual remote control interface that will help you control the YouTube stream on TV. Here is the whole process in short:

  • Launch the YouTube app on your iPhone
  • Hit the Cast icon
  • Tap the remote
  • An on-screen remote will appear
  • Control the YouTube video cast using this virtual remote

Troubleshooting YouTube video cast on TV from iPhone

shows WiFi connection failure between iPhone and smart tv

Despite knowing the process of how to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone, there are some common issues many users face. One of them is the absence of the Cast option that establishes the connection between TV and iPhone in the first place.


There are multiple reasons. Your WiFi network setup might be faulty. Check out your WiFi connections. Both iPhone and Smart TV should be connected to the same Wireless network. Another reason could be the TV model. Older televisions will not give you a screencast facility.


Subsequently, older iPhone models (Older than iOS 8) lack the YouTube video cast feature. Therefore, if you have older TV or iPhone, they will not be compatible with screen casting YouTube videos on TV from iPhone.




We bet our guide on how to connect YouTube to TV from iPhone will answer all your relevant queries. If you look for similar useful guides, the Applavia blog side is there for you. The website has tons of listicles describing the latest and most useful apps for your Apple products. Some of our other useful articles include topics like how to disconnect Apple TV from iPhone or how to change video playback Settings on iPhone are getting impressive responses. So, check them out or other interesting articles here on Applavia.

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