How to Convert Speech to Text with Translator for iPhone


Before We Begin

We’ve often encountered language barriers at some point in our life. Especially if you’re a traveler who likes to roam around the world, a language translator is crucial to communicate with people. If you’re one of those people who’s looking for an interpreter solution that can translate or convert speech to text of any language, then this is the answer.


Download and install Translator: Translate Voice for iPhone & iPad, a one-stop solution for all your language interpretation needs. Convert speech to text or text to speech on the go and say goodbye to foreign dialect communication problems.

Who Can Use a Translator App?

Who doesn’t like to travel, right? Traveling is all fun and entertaining, right until the moment you have to communicate with a local person and don’t happen to know the language. It’s nearly impossible to get by with touring a whole different country without conversing with individuals. Since it’s not quite reasonable to hire an interpreter or learn a language overnight, a translate app is the only solution.


Translator for iPhone is the best translation app for travel where you can render multiple languages to your native language and vice versa. There are additional features for text copy, common phrases, rich dictionaries, and so on. Both speeches to text, text to text, or text to speech translations are available and super easy to operate with this app. Let’s go through a simple step-by-step guide on how to convert speech to text and translate language on iPhone.

How to Convert Speech to Text with Translator App

Translating and understanding foreign languages is a straightforward process in this speech-to-text app. Whether you need to translate a page, a document, or a simple question, just say the words, and it’ll be done. Like, literally.

Step 1:

Download the Translator: Translate Voice app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad.


Step 2:

choose language to convert

Open the app to access its sleek interface, where you can see all the tools in one place. At the top bar, choose the language you want to translate and the one to convert into. For example, to translate English to the Spanish language, select the left as English and the right selection as Spanish. Same goes with translating Spanish to English, English to French, English to Italian, English to Arabic. Russian to English, etc.


This essential multilingual app houses around 50 languages from different countries. Tap on a language to open the list of dialects, scroll, and set the preferred option. You can also shift between selected two languages by tapping on the “Switch” button, making it absolutely effortless to navigate throughout the app.

Step 3:

convert audio to text

Once you have settled on the languages, without further ado, let’s convert speech to text. Tap on the “Mic” icon situated below to initiate the process and translate voice. Whether you wanted a Spanish translator, Japanese, Chinese translator, or a French translation, simply speak the language to be translated. The converted version will automatically appear on a dialog box right below the app interface. You literally don’t have to do anything, just speak the sentence, and the app will perform the rest.

Step 4:

copy language translations

The Translator app also lets you copy the converted editions directly from the application window. Once your free speech to text translation is complete, tap on the text to instantly copy them to your iPhone clipboard. You don’t have to drag and select portions of the text or tap “copy” to do so; just do it with a single touch and paste anywhere to share.

Phrase Presets for Offline Connectivity

offline phrasebook

A unique additional feature of this app is a built-in phrasebook. When you are out there in another country, you might not have access to the internet right away. How would you communicate or ask questions in such situations? This intuitive application comes with 15 different situation settings and numerous phrases under each category.


To access the phrasebook, touch the “books” icon at the bottom right corner. Whether English to Spanish or English to French phrases, this app offers all the common questions and situational answers well-integrated. You can use them to converse, get directions, ask questions, seek assistance, or tend to any basic needs. Along with the voice translator tool, this phrasebook is super handy in practical sense and necessity.

Save Translation History

save translation history

Another convenient function of the Translator app is its automatic saving system for translations. Yes, the languages and sentences you convert over time get saved automatically inside the app index. You can go back and access the pieces anytime and learn from them, make use of them in similar situations.


Tap the icon on the far-left corner of the bottom to view the translation history. Whenever you use the audio translator tool, it instantly stores the copies for future use. Check back and use any questions, answers, phrases, information, and ease through your traveling hours with comfort.

Wrap Up

A speech-to-text conversion device is super helpful for not only traveling to places but also in daily life. With translation, experience, seamless navigation, and practical applications in real life. Therefore, without a doubt, translator apps for iPhone & iPad are a must-have tool on your device. Install right away and follow our elementary guide to get the best use of this smart interpreter tool on the go.

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