How to Deactivate an Instagram Account on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - July 2, 2022, Last Modified: July 2, 2022
How to deactivate an Instagram account on iPhone

Instagram is the best social media platform that can effectively build your image. But sometimes, it becomes a matter of great distress, and users try to cut down their screen time slowly. Therefore, if you’re looking to take a break or get off the grid for good, follow this guide and learn how to deactivate an Instagram account on iPhone.


What are the options that users have?


When you deactivate your Instagram account, you get the option to recover all your content. Also, you can permanently delete the account if deactivating doesn’t work for you. In addition, temporary disabling the account is also possible using any mobile or PC browser.


How to deactivate an Instagram account on iPhone | Complete Guide


If you need a quick break from social media, deactivating your account is an easy option. So, what happens when you disable your Instagram account? If you deactivate your account, everything will disappear for the time being. In other words, others will not be able to see your profile and everything along with it, like the photos, likes, comments, etc.


Note: Instagram stores all your account data when deactivating an account, so it will not impact your followers’ count.


Step-by-step process on how to deactivate an Instagram account on iPhone

how to deactivate Instagram temporarily on iPhone
  • Firstly, open the Instagram app and log into your account.
  • Secondly, click on “Profile” at the bottom right corner.
  • Next, press the Hamburger icon on the top right corner and select “Settings.”
how to deactivate Instagram temporarily on iPhone 02
  • Then go to “Account” and then press “Delete account.”
  • From the two options available, select “Deactivate account.”
  • Finally, provide an answer from the drop-down menu and re-enter the password to deactivate your Instagram account.

How long is your Instagram account going to be disabled for?


There is no strict deadline for deactivating your Instagram account now. You can reactivate it anytime by signing into the account using your username and password on Instagram. In the past, Instagram used to reactivate your account after one week. However, you can only disable your account only once per week.


Learn how to delete an Instagram account on iPhone


Are you not happy with only deactivating your Instagram account and want to try a more drastic method? You may also want to delete your old and inactive Instagram account or simply don’t want to use the existing one anymore. Note that you can sign up again using the previous information.


Steps on how to delete an Instagram account on iPhone

how to delete Instagram account from iPhone
  • Start the Instagram app from your iPhone and log into your account.
  • Then press on “Profile” at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on three stacked lines on the top right corner and go to “Settings.”
how to delete Instagram account from iPhone 02
  • Afterward, go to “Account” from the setting option and select “Delete account.”
  • Select “Delete Account” from the two options available and tap on “Continue deleting account.”
  • Finally, select your preferred answer from the drop-down menu and retype the password to complete the process.

Warning: Ensure that you are okay with losing your account information before continuing. Once you go forward with all the steps, all data like photos, videos, likes, comments, etc., will be lost.


What happens when you permanently delete an Instagram account?


Deleting your Instagram account is permanent. When you apply for account deletion, your entire Instagram history will be lost within 30 days. That is to say, all your Instagram messages, photos, videos, stories, likes, and followers will be removed for good.


Note: It’s impossible to get back information from deleted Instagram accounts. So, it is suggested to download a copy of your Instagram data before you decide to delete it permanently.


How to temporarily disable Instagram


You can disable any accounts temporarily using any browsers on iPhone or a PC. You can also reactivate it again when you wish. Note that disabling an account from the browser and deactivating it from the Instagram app achieves the same.


Guide on how to disable an Instagram account on iPhone using a browser

how to temporarily disable Instagram on iPhone
  • To start the process, log into from your browser.
  • Then click on “Profile” at the bottom right and “Edit profile.”
  • Scroll down and press “Temporarily deactivate my account” in the bottom right.
  • After that, select an option from the drop-down menu and re-enter your password.
  • Finally, touch “Temporarily deactivate account” and press “Yes” to confirm.

How to remove an Instagram account from iPhone


Removing an Instagram account from your iPhone is relatively easy. So, to learn how to log out of Instagram on iPhone, first, open the “Instagram” app. Next, tap” Profile” in the bottom right corner. Then, touch the “Settings” option and go to “Security.” Afterward, click “Saved login info” and toggle off the “Saved login info.” From the pop-up menu, select “Remove” to complete the process.


How to uninstall Instagram on iPhone


To uninstall, go to the iPhone home screen, locate the app, and then long-press on it. From the options available, touch on “Remove App.” Finally, press “Delete App” to uninstall the app from your iPhone.




Instagram has steadily become one of the best apps beyond picture sharing. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Hopefully, our guide on how to deactivate an Instagram account on iPhone will help you in the long run. Additionally, we have also tried to cover how you can temporarily disable and delete your account. If our guide has been helpful, you can also check out the best Instagram stalking apps for iPhone and how to post a GIF on Instagram from iPhone.

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