How to Delete all My Contacts on iPhone

Article By: Minhaz H - January 16, 2022
How to delete all my contacts on iPhone

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Sometimes you might need to delete contacts on your iPhone to refresh the list. Now, this process is a tedious job on iPhone. There are alternative ways and one such method that surplus every other is using a third-party app called Cleaner for iPhone.


The sophistication of Cleaner for iPhone and its performance is truly unique. It makes you ask why Apple does not include that by default. The main advantage of this third-party app is its ability to do multiple tasks flawlessly. Consequently, you’ll get a clear idea of how different contact management methods stack up against one another. So, ride along this post to learn the answer to how to delete all my contacts on iPhone.


How to delete all my contacts on iPhone by utilizing Cleaner for iPhone


Cleaner for iPhone is a free-to-install app on App Store. This application can clean the contact list as well as other functionalities. For instance, you can also learn how to manage storage on iPhone with this application. This article will discuss later the key features of the application.


There can be multiple reasons for that. Maybe your contact list is outdated, or there are many duplicate contacts. Perhaps you want to permanently clean all of your communications to start your iPhone as a new device. But indeed, you don’t have to delete all of your contacts at once. Although there is an option to delete all contacts, the safest way is to choose multiple contacts that you want to delete. You can also choose to merge duplicate contacts using Cleaner for iPhone.

Are you looking for a method to mass delete contacts from your iPhone? Install Cleaner for iPhone to grant you the solution for that.

Now, let’s look at how Cleaner for iPhone makes cleaning contacts from your device a convenient process.

Steps on how to use Cleaner for iPhone to delete all of my contacts on my iPhone at once:

how to delete all contacts on iPhone using Cleaner for iPhone
  • First, download and launch Cleaner for iPhone on your device
  • Tap on the Contacts card
  • On the following screen, a list of all your iPhone contact will be visible
  • On the top right corner of the screen, you will need to checkmark to select all the contacts at once
  • Or, you can manually select multiple contacts that you don’t need
  • Finally, tap on the Delete Selected button to delete permanently

As seen in the steps above, the process of cleaning contacts from your device by Cleaner for iPhone is straightforward. The developers of this application also implemented some other tools in this app. For example, you can delete duplicate photos from the device storage. The app can also sort out large video files from device storage and gives you the option to delete them. When your device’s storage capacity is getting low, these tools can help you free up space.

How to delete all my contacts on iPhone via iCloud


To this date, Apple has not provided the users the simple option to delete multiple contacts at once. Luckily the outstanding third-party app Cleaner for iPhone provides the user with an efficient solution. However, follow the instructions below if you want a more holistic approach. You will learn how to delete all contacts on iPhone via iCloud. Before that, you need to access a PC for this procedure.

Steps by step guide on how to remove all contacts on iPhone using iCloud:

how to erase all contacts on iPhone using iCloud
  • Get access to your iCloud account from a PC
  • Once inside, select the Contacts page
  • Locate and choose the contacts you don’t need on your iPhone
  • Once selected, tap on the Gear symbol at the bottom left corner and tap Delete
  • Once again, tap on Delete to confirm the process

Steps on how to delete all iPhone contacts with iCloud from Settings:

how to remove contacts from iPhone with iCloud from Settings

How to delete all my contacts on iPhone from the associated email account


If you are determined to delete all contacts from the device, you should not miss this. Almost all of us have to use an email account on our devices. One benefit of an email account is storing the contacts as backup and syncing them whenever we change our devices. This benefit can be a hurdle for someone who wants to delete all contacts on their iPhone. To fix this, follow the steps below so that your email account won’t sync back the deleted contacts on your iPhone.

Here is how to delete iPhone contacts that are associated with an email account:

how to delete numbers on iPhone that are associated with an email account
  • Go to Settings
  • Next, go to Contacts
  • Select your account with unwanted contacts
  • Toggle off Contacts
  • A pop up will come, select Delete from my iPhone

Closing remarks


This blog post has mentioned three methods of deleting contacts from your iPhone. The reasonable approach would be for any iPhone user to choose the third-part app Cleaner for iPhone. Until the day Apple decided to implement the simple options delete contacts as bulks; this app will remain the best contact cleaning app for iPhone.


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