How to delete duplicate photos & contacts with Cleaner for iPhone to boost mobile performance?

Article By: Nasim Usman - April 18, 2021, Last Modified: November 22, 2021
Clean master app for removing duplicates

Before we begin

Just like how the closets in our home get messier over time when left unsupervised, our iPhone’s storage space also gets cluttered with unwanted files if left uncleaned. Our favorite device deserves to stay in peak condition always. So, to ensure that it stays neat & tidy always, we’ve come up with the perfect solution.

If you want to relinquish a complete cumbersome-free experience of cleaning duplicate photos & contacts, give Cleaner for iPhone a try. The app is lightning fast & the guide below on how to use the features will make sure that your iPhone will always have free space.

The best cleaner app for iPhone to keep duplicates away

It’s impossible to declare with confidence that you’ll use a cleaning app in the future. You might prefer to delete the duplicate files manually by yourself; hey, we won’t judge you for that. But what’s absolutely inevitable is that your iPhone’s storage will gradually get filled. And when it happens, an automated way of deleting duplicate photos through the Cleaner app will save tons of time than doing it manually.

Cleaning may eat up quite a hefty amount of time as there are usually too much unnecessary files clustered together. Because of this reason, Cleaner for iPhone features ways to remove them in one clean sweep. Detect any extra copies of your pictures & contacts on your iPhone with a single scan. After that, you get the freedom to choose which files you want to keep & which you don’t want to. Still not convinced?


Let’s have a run-through of the in-depth features & how you can utilize them to keep your phone completely clean.

How to use one-tap super cleaner function

Taking photos has become more convenient & easy with iPhone, thanks to the newest technology. Simple group photos, selfies, or screenshots – we snap plenty of them daily. So, no wonder our phone storage gets filled up that fast. Regular cleaning is a given thing if you don’t want to come across the warning message of your disk getting full.

The Fast Clean feature of our app is the ultimate solution to rescue your iPhone from this clustered mess. It automatically scans your whole system to identify duplicate files such as photos & contacts. Options to choose what you intend to do with those unnecessary files come after that. Rest assured, you have complete authority on what to delete and what to keep.

Clean your iPhone with a single tap

Methods of using the one-tap feature:

Step 1. Tap on the Fast Clean button to go to the next screen.

Step 2. Optimize your storage by choosing which files you want to clean instantly. Select from Similar Photos, Screenshots, Duplicate Contacts, Empty Contacts.

Step 3. You can set the time period if you want to let the app search for duplicate files between a specific time & Start Scanning.

Step 4. Finally, start cleaning the system directly by tapping on the Clean Storage or manually select items after pressing on the respective fields.

And congrats! Your iPhone storage is as new as it can get.

How to use the contact cleaner feature to sort out contacts

Let’s admit it: contact bloat is a serious issue. Alongside the large presence of duplicate photos, unorganized address books can give you an ample amount of headache. Endlessly scrolling down your iPhone contacts in the hope of finding a single number is something we often experience but should not get used to.

Fortunately, our comprehensive cleaning app lets you clear up the cluttered contacts of your iPhone. Not only cleaning, but it also categorizes your contacts based on different data before you get rid of them. You won’t have any excuse anymore to keep your list messy after installing Cleaner for iPhone.

Remove duplicate contacts from iPhone

Follow the following steps to get a reign over your disarrayed contact list.

Step 1. Press on the Clean Contact to start sweeping the unnecessary contacts.

Step 2. Simply tap All Contacts or press on different categories depending on what kind of cleaning you are looking to do.

Step 3. After entering into a category, tick on the contacts you wish to clean up & finally, tap on Delete Selected.

Step 4. Press Yes to confirm it.

Voila! You’ve just given a completely new look to your address book!

How to use duplicate photo cleaner feature

As accessible as capturing a moment has gotten, it has presented some predicament as well.

For instance, cameras can shoot multiple pictures with a single tap of the button. Furthermore, when you try to edit photos you like through an editor, it may create instances where the app saves multiple copies. Last but not least, let’s not forget about cloud syncing, where it also leads to the creation of duplicate pictures.

Remove duplicate photos by following simple steps

Just follow the simple steps to get a duplicate free iPhone:

Step 1. To delete duplicate photos, tap the Clean Photos button on the home screen.

Step 2. Once you are in, choose from either the Similar Photos or Screenshots category.

Step 3. All similar-looking photos will already be selected once you enter into a category. You can select/unselect yourself as well to make changes. Once you have selected all the pictures you wish to delete, just tap on Deleted Selected.

Step 4. Confirm it again by pressing Delete.

Now, enjoy a clutter-free photo gallery on your iPhone.

Wrapping it up

And, it’s done! That’s all there is to the duplicate cleaning procedure with our app, Cleaner for iPhone. Unnecessary junk files like similar-looking photos & redundant contacts will keep stacking on. Make use of the effortless cleaning functionalities of our app periodically to keep your iPhone free of digital debris.

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