How to Delete Live Photos from iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - July 3, 2022, Last Modified: July 3, 2022
How to Delete Live Photos from iPhone

The iPhone 6S was the first device to bring the Live Photos feature to the market. This still photo stitched with a one-and-a-half-second video was clearly a hit among users. When it seemed interesting to many, it didn’t make much sense to some. If you think live photos are unnecessary and take up extra spaces, you probably belong to the ‘Not preferred’ side of the group. You likely want to get rid of them, and here we describe exactly that, which is how to delete live photos from iPhone.


How to delete live photos from iPhone | Stopping the live photo function

steps showing live photo stopping process

While the live photos come in default on all iPhone models from 6S onward, it is possible to turn off this feature as well. Yes, you can tweak down this function and can enjoy traditional still photos on your iPhone.


Before getting the tips on how to delete live photos from iPhone, let’s first go through a brief guide on how to stop the live photos function in the first place. You don’t need external apps to deactivate the live photo feature on your device. The shut-down function is located right inside the Camera app.


Once on the photo app, you will get the live photo icon right above the camera view frame. You will see three consecutive circles, one inside another, and that’s the icon of Live Photos. It remains active in the default state, which you can say by its color.


When the icon is yellow, the Live Photos is active. So, how to turn it off? Tap on the icon, and it will turn the icon from yellow to gray with a slash on it. This means your live photo option is now deactivated until you tap again to activate this feature.


Steps to stop live photos from iPhone

  • Launch the Photo app on iPhone.
  • You will find the live photo icon at the top of the camera view frame.
  • When Live Photo mode is activated, the icon remains yellow.
  • Tap on the icon, and it will deactivate the Live Photo option.

How to delete live photos from iPhone | Quick steps

steps showing live photo deleting process

Now, as you know how to shut down live images on iPhone, it’s time to put our concentration on how to delete live photos and only keep the still images instead. Live photos are a series of consecutive or burst photos that act like a very short video clip. So, to delete the live photo effect, extra images from the batch need to be removed.


The first process of deleting live photos from the iPhone includes launching the photo app. After that, open a live photo you wish to delete and keep only a still photo version. Hit Edit of this live Photo, and you will get a series of images. Scroll left or right to choose and select the best shot. Tap the one you find best, and it will be the Key Photo.


Deactivate the live photo icon at the top of the screen and finish the process by clicking Done. This will transform the key picture of a live photo into a normal image. Next, the process is pretty straightforward. Simply delete duplicate photos from that live shot, as you already have a still image copy of it.


Brief steps of deleting live photos from iPhone

  • Launch the Photo app on your iPhone.
  • Open a live photo you want to delete.
  • Tap on the Edit option of this live image you have selected.
  • Scroll a series of images in that live photo and select a Key Photo
  • Once Key Photo has been chosen, tap on the Live Photo icon to deactivate it.
  • Hit done. Now your Key Photo will be formatted as a normal still image.
  • Delete the live photo version of that image from your Photos.

Deleting live photos using third-party apps


The last option of how to delete live photos from iPhone can be a third-party app. This is the last resort if you somehow fail to follow the process mentioned earlier. There are several apps that can help remove live photos. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee their functional integrity. However, as per their marketing claims, these apps work well by deleting live photos but keeping a still image copy.


Summery Context


When explaining how to delete live Photos from iPhone to one of your friends, you have more than one answer now. But, suppose it turns out that you are a big fan of live wallpapers and love to see your iPhone screen come to life in a unique way. We got a solution for that as well. Check out our listicle on the 10 best free live wallpaper apps for iPhone and discover the best app to bring life to your iPhone screen.

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