How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

How to Delete Photo Albums on iPhone

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You might want to learn how to delete photo albums on iPhone for various reasons. The excess number of photos and videos might be causing you to think about storage space. Or, you want to freshen up your iPhone by getting rid of old memories. This article will guide you on using one of the best third-party photo cleaner apps called Cleaner for iPhone. Additionally, you will also learn how you can utilize native apps of your iPhone to clean up photo albums on your iPhone.


How to delete photo albums on iPhone using Cleaner for iPhone


The latest iPhone device has a total of 1TB storage space! For most users, it is more than enough. But the advancement of camera technology has opened up a new type of concern. High-resolution photos and videos shot by the latest iPhone devices can take a lot of space on your phone. For example, a ten-minute 4K video takes up 1.7 – 3.5GB. So, if you use the iPhone to take many photos and videos, you might have to think about storage space. This article will guide you on freeing up space by utilizing the Cleaner for iPhone.


The app’s versatility will grant you tools to free up space on iPhone conveniently and safely. The app also comes with features that can help you delete duplicate photos and videos. You can even get rid of duplicate contacts on your iPhone using the Cleaner for iPhone app. Ultimately, the proper usage of this application will significantly increase your device’s performance. For now, follow the steps below to know how to delete photo albums on iPhone through the Cleaner app.

Are you looking for a solution to help you clean out your photo albums and save up storage space? Download Cleaner for iPhone for free from the App Store and start cleaning your iPhone.

Steps on how to delete photo albums on iPhone via the third-party Cleaner app:

steps on how to delete a photo album on iPhone via the Cleaner app

  • Download and install Cleaner for iPhone on your device
  • Launch the app, and on the first menu, select the Photos category
  • In the Photos section, you will find out the app has collected all the unnecessary photos in one place
  • Choose the type of unwanted photos you want to delete
  • For complete deletion, select the tick box at the top right corner of your screen
  • Or, you can manually select the photos
  • Now, tap on the “Delete Selected button” to clean up the photos

    How to delete photo albums on iPhone from the native Photos app


    You might not want to install a third-party app on your iPhone. Then, the easiest way to clear photos off iPhone is to use the native Photos app. It is clean, simple, and fully utilizes the native functionality of the iPhone. It might lack the speed of Cleaner for iPhone, but it is super easy to use. From the steps below, let’s find out how to use the Photos app to delete photo albums on iPhone.


    Here’s how to delete photo albums on iPhone using the Photos app:

    here is how to remove photo albums from iPhone using the Photos app

  • Open the Photos app from your main iPhone menu.
  • Now at the bottom, you’ll see ” Albums “; tap on it.
  • Then, at the top right corner, find “See All” tap to reveal all the available albums on your iPhone.
  • Now, select “Edit” at the upper right corner
  • You may now remove the album you don’t want on your iPhone by tapping the “red minus” icon adjacent to an album.
  • Finally, select “Delete Album” when the confirmation menu pops up on your screen.

    How to delete photos permanently from iPhone storage


    You might want to know one more thing about deleting photo albums from your iPhone. Deleting photos from the iPhone does not mean they are permanently gone from the device. For security and safety reasons, Apple makes permanent delete an advanced feature for the users. However, this article will provide detailed instructions on deleting photos permanently on your iPhone.


    Steps on how to delete photo albums on iPhone permanently:

    steps on how to erase photo albums on iPhone permanently

  • Go to the Photos app and Delete an album or individual photos of your choice.
  • Now, scroll down and select “Recently Deleted.”
  • Tap “Select” at the top right corner.
  • Now, at the bottom right corner of your screen, select “Delete All.”
  • Finally, in the confirmation pop-up, tap “Delete Items.” This action is irreversible.

    In the end


    Before deleting an entire album, it is always good to check what you are removing inside. This guide has attempted to walk you through every step required to remove photos from your iPhone. We hope this guide will help de-clutter the storage space of your iPhone and improve the usability of the device. You may check the blog post – How to Free Up Storage on iPhone for more technical insights.

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