How to Delete Screenshots on iPhone

How to delete screenshots on iPhone

An easy way to clear storage space on your iPhone is deleting the screenshots that you’ve stored on your device. Do you want to capture the shot of whatever is displayed on your iPhone’s screen? By pressing the side button and the volume up button of your iPhone, you can easily take a screenshot.


You can then access your shots from the screenshot album from your Photos app. This complete guide explains how to delete screenshots on iPhone.

Install the Cleaner for iPhone app from the App Store to delete screenshots, similar pictures, burst or blurred photos from your iPhone.

How to delete screenshots on iPhone from the Photos app


When you snap a screenshot on your iPhone, you can locate the picture on your Photos app. However, if you’ve hundreds of other pictures, it could be challenging to locate all your screenshots from the Photos app. Luckily for you, the Photos app arranges all your screenshots on a separate album. So, if you’re wondering how do I delete screenshots from my iPhone’s Photos app, we’ve got you covered.


Steps on how to delete a screenshot on iPhone via the Photos app:

How to remove a screenshot on iPhone using the Photos app

  • Launch your iPhone’s Photos app.
  • Then navigate to the Albums tab located at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, scroll down and tap on the Screenshots media type category.
  • After that, you can individually delete a screenshot by holding on to it and then tapping on Delete from Library. Next, tap on Delete Photo to confirm your choice.
  • Or you could delete multiple screenshots by tapping on Select located at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Then select the screenshots you’d want to delete and tap on the Trash icon at the bottom-right corner.
  • Next, tap on Delete [number of screenshots selected] Photo to confirm your choice.

    Your deleted screenshots are now moved to the Recently Deleted section of the Photos app. They will remain there and consume your storage for the next 30 days before being removed permanently from your iPhone.


    Steps on how to permanently delete screenshots from the Recently Deleted folder on your iPhone’s Photos app:

    How to permanently remove a screenshot from the Recent Deleted folder on your iPhone

  • On your iPhone’s Photos app, go to the Albums tab.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Recently Deleted folder.
  • Then tap on Select located at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Next, select the screenshots you’d want to permanently remove and tap Delete. (Or tap on Delete All to permanently remove all media files)
  • After that, tap on Delete [number of pictures selected] Photos to confirm your choice.

    How to delete screenshots on iPhone using a third-party app


    Another way to delete multiple screenshots from your iPhone is by using a third-party photo cleaner app. And if you’re looking for the best photo cleaner apps on the App Store, then the Cleaner for iPhone is for you.


    With this app, you can not only delete screenshots but also delete duplicate photos, blurred, live, and selfie photos easily from your iPhone. Apart from pictures, you can also delete large videos and contacts with the Cleaner app. You should try this app if you want to know how to manage storage on iPhone.

    Do you want to find out the best ways on how to delete screenshots on iPhone? Then install the Cleaner for iPhone for free from the App Store.

    Steps on how to delete screenshots on iPhone with the Cleaner app:

    How to remove screenshots on iPhone with the Cleaner app

  • Launch the Cleaner for iPhone app.
  • Then tap on the Photos section.
  • Next, select Screenshots from the various picture categories.
  • After that, select the screenshots that you’d want to remove and tap on Delete Selected.
  • Then tap on Delete to confirm your choice.



    You could easily remove screenshots from your iPhone’s Photos app. However, with the Cleaner app, you can better manage the storage space of your iPhone. In addition to deleting photos from your iPhone, you can also remove contacts and videos with this app. Here in this complete guide, we’ve shared the best ways how to delete screenshots on iPhone.


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