How to Download Twitch Clips on iPhone

How to Download Twitch Clips on iPhone

If you have a Twitch profile and regularly stream, share and watch videos on Twitch, then this article is for you. Do you know that apart from simply streaming and watching videos on this app, you can also download videos from Twitch to your iPhone storage? That’s right, it is possible, and we will tell you how to download Twitch clips on iPhone.


Although video downloading is not a straightforward process in Twitch, it is possible to channel out a video and save it on your iPhone storage. Just like the tutorial article where we have explained how to download videos on iPhone from different sources earlier, it’s time for the tutorial on how to download Twitch videos on iPhone.


How to download Twitch clips on iPhone | Quick steps

The first method and the most basic way to download a video clip from Twitch to your iPhone. The process doesn’t require any third-party app. However, the whole process may get a little cumbersome for typical users. Nevertheless, this process will allow you to download and save Twitch videos anytime once mastered. No third-party websites or app shortcut is required. Below we have illustrated the procedures in brief.


Procedures to download Twitch clips on iPhone

steps of downloading and saving of Twitch video
  • Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Search Twitch.TV on the browser.
  • Keep the browser search interface in desktop mode.
  • Once on Twitch, tap the profile image at the right top corner.
  • From the dropdown menu, select your Channel.
  • Tap on the videos followed by the clip you wish to download.
  • Now click Share, and you will get multiple sharing pathways, including a Download icon.
  • Long press on the download icon until a sub-menu appears.
  • From the menu, click Download Linked File.
  • The Downloaded file will be listed in the downloader at the top right corner of the Twitch interface.
  • Click the downloaded video file from the downloader to start the video.
  • Now you will get another share icon at the bottom left corner of the video.
  • Click the Share icon, and you will see the menu.
  • Select the Save Video option from the menu, and your Twitch video will be saved.

Download Twitch videos on iPhone | Using the Siri shortcut

This is another convenient method of archiving video from Twitch to your iPhone storage. This method involves Siri shortcuts. You have to download the Shortcuts app, which is authorized by Apple. Once downloaded, get a Save Twitch Clips, Loader, or similar Shortcut from Safari. Once you have one of these, go to the Twitch app and open the clip you want to download. Next, copy its video link, followed by running the shortcut to begin with, the video downloading process.


Once the download is completed, save the downloaded Twitch clip to your iPhone camera roll. You can avoid the link copying procedure if you want. In that place, simply tap the share button of the Twitch video to proceed with the shortcut from the Share menu, saving some extra minutes.


Quick steps to download Twitch video on iPhone using the Siri shortcut

Twitch video-sharing shortcut
  • Launch Siri Browser and download the Shortcuts app owned by Apple.
  • Get Save Twitch Clips, Loader, or similar Shortcut by searching on Safari.
  • Go to the Twitch app, and open the video clip you want to download.
  • Copy the Video link from the Twitch clip.
  • Run the shortcut to begin with the video downloading process.
  • Once downloaded, save the video on the camera roll of your iPhone.

How to download twitch clips on iPhone using a third-party online downloader

Show a few third-party download webpages

This process is simpler than the methods mentioned earlier and definitely answers how to download Twitch clips on iPhone. It cuts down the effort of downloading a video by half. The process, however, involves a third-party downloader website. Websites such as Twitch Clip Downloader By Twitchdown are specially developed to download any video on Twitch with just one click of a button.


All you have to do is launch the Twitch app on your iPhone and play the clip you want to download. Next, copy the Video link, paste it into the input box of the online downloader, and hit the download button next to it. As soon as the download button is pressed, it will start downloading your video. Once the download process is done, save the Twitch video on your camera roll or iCloud.




There are tons of free downloaders on the internet that help you conveniently get your desired Twitch or videos from other well-known websites in minutes. When it’s about answering how to download Twitch clips on iPhone, we recommend choosing only the most secured path for downloading files. This is because a vulnerable download path may welcome harmful programs to your system. Therefore stay cautious while fetching the video online. Check out our other similar blogs, like how to save a video from Facebook on iPhone, how to make a music video on iPhone, and more, right here in Applavia.

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