How to Edit Photos on iPhone

how to edit photos on iPhone

There’s no question that iPhone devices come with some of the, if not the best cameras there are. Capturing moments, portraits, or meetups is fun, but we know it doesn’t end there. Along with taking photos, one should know how to edit photos on iPhone to produce the best version of their photoshoots. That’s where apps like the Photo Editor come in.


In the following piece of content, we’ll share a couple of simple ways on how to edit pictures on iPhone. We’ll use both a third-party app and iPhone’s native photo editor for this editing guide. Let’s dive into details in a bit.


Best Ways | How to Edit Photos on iPhone Using the Photo Editor App


When it comes to knowing how to edit photos on iPhone, Photo Editor is arguably the best of photo editing apps out there. Featuring a plethora of tools and photo filters for iPhone, this app will allow you to play with the shots you take and customize as much as possible. There’s no exaggeration intended; just take the Selective Color Effect, for example. It lets you recolor any parts or sections of a photo with multiple colors for each.


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In addition, the Photo Editor app offers all the adjustment tools there are to easily retouch photos on iPhone. You can change brightness, exposure, hue, sharpness, contrast, and more to personalize as needed. You can also crop photos or rotate pictures on your iPhone with this app as well. Therefore, covering from basic to advanced tools, using Photo Editor is arguably the best way to edit photos on iPhone. Let’s check out some of the implications with easy guides.

Wondering how to edit photos on iPhone to look professional? Install the Photo Editor app and explore possibilities like never before.

How to crop pictures on iPhone with the Photo Editor app

How to Edit Photos on iPhone

  • Install and open the Photo Editor app.
  • Tap on the Splash or Filter menu.
  • From your Library, select the picture you want to edit.
  • Then touch the adjustment icon located at the bottom menu.
  • how to resize pictures on iPhone

  • Next, select the Crop option.
  • Resize the crop frame as necessary. You can simply drag the sidebars to determine an area.
  • When you’re satisfied, tap the tick mark.
  • Then tap the Download icon on the next page to save it to your Camera Roll.

    How to retouch photos on iPhone using the Photo Editor app

    recreate Gemini look

  • Launch the Photo Editor app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on Filters and select a picture from the Gallery.
  • Next, tap the Adjustment icon at the bottom.
  • And retouch using the available tools (Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, etc.)

    Here’s how to add filters to photos on iPhone with Photo Editor

    how to add filters to iPhone photos

  • On your iPhone, launch the Photo Editor app.
  • Select Filter from the menu.
  • Then choose an image from the iPhone Library.
  • Next, tap the Filters icon at the bottom.
  • And select any filter and effect of your choice from the collection.

    How to Edit Photos on iPhone with the iPhone Photos App


    While it’s a library for pictures, the Photos app is also an exceptional tool for editing photos on iPhone. Covering almost all the essential tools and some of the advanced, it can retouch and refine images easily. For instance, you can brighten pictures or change skin tone with this app, along with cropping and color adjustment. So whether you want to know how to brighten photos on iPhone or make them black and white, or apply cinematic effects and share with friends, the Photos app can do it all.


    How to crop photos on iPhone with the Photos app

    how to crop a photo on iPhone

  • Open Photos on your iPhone and select a picture.
  • Tap Edit at the top right corner.
  • Then select the Crop option at the bottom.
  • Drag frame borders to crop the picture. Then click Done to save the image.

    How to edit iPhone photos by adjusting color and light

    how to edit iPhone photos

  • Go to your iPhone Library and choose a picture.
  • Tap on Edit at the top.
  • Then touch the Editing icon located left on the bottom menu.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, and more from there. That’s it, save it to your gallery.

    How to add photo filters and effects with the iPhone Photos app

    how to apply effects to iPhone photos

  • On your iPhone library, select and open an image.
  • Click on Edit at the top right.
  • Then tap on the Filters icon at the bottom menu.
  • And select Dramatic, Cinematic, B&W, or any of the effects.

    Wrap up


    In this guide on how to edit a picture on iPhone, we’ve shared most of the basic photo editing features offered by a third-party app and the default one. Both the apps come with their own advantages and use. But if you’re thinking how to make iPhone photos look professional, we’d suggest going with the Photo Editor app. It offers an extensive range of features and tools that cover everything when it comes to post-production edit. Check out these relevant write-ups if you want to know more about photo editing on iPhone.


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