How to Edit your Memoji on iPhone

How to Edit your Memoji on iPhone

Many people don’t know that it’s relatively simple to make a new Memoji, and it’s even simpler to edit it on your iPhone. You can make minor adjustments to your Memojis, such as changing their hair color or adding new spectacles. Keep on reading because today, we will explain how to edit your Memoji on iPhone.


How to edit your Memoji on iPhone using simple methods

How to edit your memoji on iPhone

Pro Tips:  Before you learn how to edit your Memoji on iPhone, you should create Memojis that reflect your personality and mood and send it via iMessage or FaceTime. With a compatible iPhone, you can also make an animated Memoji that mimics your facial expressions and uses your voice.


Tutorial on how to edit your memoji on iPhone



People are often perplexed by Memoji editing, yet it isn’t difficult. Actually, you can edit your Memojis in the Messages app at any time. All you have to do now is select the Memoji you wish to change.


Follow the below steps so that you can change the features, clone an existing Memoji with new ones, or delete one.


  • Open the Messages app on your device. Open a current conversation of choice with a single contact or a group chat with a single tap.
  • Above your iPhone keyboard, hit the Apps button and then the Memoji tab
  • To alter a Memoji, tap it
  • Next, the three dots found in the far left corner must be tapped
  • To make adjustments, tap “Edit.”
  • Make tweaks to your hair color, glasses, and jewelry by using the Memoji choices.
  • To finish, tap “Done.”

    Note: If you want your Memoji to work on all of your compatible devices, make sure your Apple ID has a unique two-factor authentication enabled and signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID. You must also have iCloud Drive enabled. To access iCloud Drive, go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Drive. Check out the specifics on how to manage Memojis on iPhone.


    How to set your Memoji as a contact photo

    How do I change my iPhone contact photo to Memoji

    You must change your Apple-ID photo to Memoji if you want to change your iPhone contact photo to Memoji. Check out how it’s done.


  • From the home screen, go to Settings and scroll down to the “Messages” tab.
  • In the messaging tab, tap “Share name and photo.”
  • In the “Share name and photo” tab, select “Choose name and photo” from the bottom.
  • Click the “Add photo” icon to make Memoji your Apple ID picture.
  • To save your changes, click “Done.”

    How to utilize an animated Memoji in Messages

    How to utilize an animated Memoji in Messages

    To compose a text, go to Messages and hit the Compose button. Alternatively, you can join an existing conversation.


  • Select your Memoji by tapping the Memoji button, then swiping left
  • To record, tap the Record icon, and to stop recording, tap the Stop record icon. You have up to 30 seconds to record
  • Tap another Memoji that you produced to select a different Memoji with the same recording
  • To make Memoji stickers, hold the Memoji in your hand and drag it to the message thread. Tap the Trash button to erase a Memoji

    The Best Way to Change Memojis Clothes


    After learning how to edit Memoji on iPhone, figure out how to spice up your Memoji wardrobe with some new outfits. In iOS 15, Apple has now added a clothing category to Memoji style choices, including several cultural outfits. You can pick from 42 various outfit styles to get the one best suits you. It’s never been easier to know how to change Memoji on iPhone.


    To modify Memoji outfits on your iPhone, follow these steps.


  • Open your iPhone’s “Messages” app and start a new discussion.
  • Select your “Memoji” tab from the row of app icons by tapping on the “App Store” button.
  • From the top left of your iMessage box, tap on the “Memoji” you want to alter, then tap the “three dots or more” icon.
  • To edit your Memoji, tap the “Edit” option.
  • Select the “Clothing” category from the Memoji selections by swiping to the left.

    To sum it up


    You should know that you can always change up your Memoji to fit your new style or if you’ve grown tired of your old one. Memoji is simple to edit on the iPhone. To do the same, open your iPhone’s Messages app and choose the Memoji you’d like to change. Now that you know how to edit your Memoji on iPhone enjoy customizing your Memojis!


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