How to Extract Audio from TikTok Videos on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - August 4, 2022, Last Modified: August 4, 2022
How to Extract Audio from TikTok Videos on iPhone

While TikTok videos are already popular to many, it turned out that few like to save only the background audio of videos, and it is possible to save the background sound from those videos when needed. We explain here how to extract audio from TikTok videos on iPhone. Keep in mind that this will require third-party software as there is no way you can separate and save audio from a TikTok video by default.This article gives a step-by-step tour of the general process of extracting MP3 audio files from TikTok videos using your iPhone.


How to extract audio from TikTok videos on iPhone- Quick guide


You must keep a few things in hand when rolled out to extract audio from a piece of video on the TikTok platform. Firstly, you should have your iPhone ready. It must have the TikTok app downloaded and installed. Your iPhone should have a third-party app that extracts audio content from TikTok videos.

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You can also use an online extractor tool that can do the same without you downloading and installing an extractor app separately. Separating audio from a TikTok video using both the installed app and online tool will be explained hereafter.


Extracting audio from TikTok videos on iPhone using installed app

Extract audio from TikTok video using a third-party app

The first process of easy extraction of sound in MP3 format from a TikTok video is to use an app on your iPhone. We have tried multiple apps for this process. However, not all have served well. Several apps turned out to be too complex and full of irrelevant functions. Some are simply scams. Nevertheless, we found some useful apps that extract TikTok videos and convert video-to-audio easily.

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Good video-to-audio extractor apps can save TikTok videos and extract their audio files. Most apps work in a similar process. You can play your favorite TikTok video on the app and tap on the dedicated share function. Then from there, you will get a copy link option. Tap the copy link. Next, create a playlist, and it will be added to the All Videos section.


You can also add it to a custom playlist if you like. Next, browse through the videos and tap on the video clip you have added. By now, you suppose to get several downloading options, including the Download audio option. Follow the next step of downloading the audio file from the app, which is pretty much straightforward in all apps.


Quick steps of how to extract audio from TikTok videos on iPhone

  • Download a reliable TikTok video to audio extractor app
  • Launch the app on your iPhone.
  • Browse through the TikTok video on the app.
  • Tap the share and select the copy video link option.
  • Open the app and tap Add videos, and your video link will be added.
  • Or, create a playlist and add the video link there.
  • Tap on the video you have just transferred into your app.
  • Select the audio download option from the menu.
  • Confirm download destination to begin with the audio extraction.

Extracting a sound file from TikTok videos on iPhone using an online tool

Extract audio from TikTok video using an online tool

Another quick option that helps you to answer how to extract audio from TikTok videos on iPhone is to browse through an online extractor tool available online. The process frees you from downloading any extractor app. You simply have to browse through your browser on the internet and look for a TikTok video to mp3 audio extractor. You should find plenty of such free tools.


All you have to do is add your chosen TikTok video link to the provided extraction box. Tap enter or extraction button. The tool will do the remaining tasks automatically. Some extractor tools may give you an audio format selection option before you tap on the final audio extraction operation button.
Once the operation is done, you can download the audio file to your device storage.


Quick process to get audio from TikTok video using online tools

  • Launch Safari or any other mobile browser on iPhone.
  • Search for online TikTok video to audio extractor tools with a link input box.
  • Browse through the TikTok app and select a video whose audio you like to use.
  • Tap share and click the Copy video link.
  • Long tap on the link input box to dispatch the copies link.
  • Select the audio format option if any
  • Tap the video to the audio convert button to begin the conversion operation.
  • Once the operation is done, download the final audio file to your device storage.



If you are one who wants to know how to extract audio from TikTok videos on iPhone, there are plenty of apps and online tools to help you out. We have simply illustrated two general guidelines through which this video to the audio conversation is generally done.


And if you have successfully extracted your favorite audio from a TikTok video, it’s time to make good use of it. Go through another excellent article that describes how to turn a TikTok sound into a ringtone on iPhone. After all, it’s satisfying to listen to your favorite music during every incoming call.

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