How to Fix Red Eye on iPhone

How to Fix Red Eye on iPhone

Red-eye ruined your nearly-perfect photo again? We will answer how to fix red eye on iPhone and give you some of the best and easiest tips to get rid of red eye glitches.


Admit it; you have suffered red-eye issues several times during flash photography. The unwelcoming glitch is almost unavoidable during low-light scenarios. Nevertheless, now there are smart solutions to omit this unwelcoming red-eye issue.


You don’t have to re-capture the whole moment once again to avoid this quirk. Nevertheless, you have several third-party apps on App Store that can effectively remove red-eye for you. Just like the default function to remove background noise from video on iPhone, your iPhone has a built-in feature to deal with the red-eye. Therefore, besides third-party apps, we have also discussed the default process.


How to remove red eye on iPhone using apps


You must be wondering why bringing up third-party red-eye removing apps and not only answers how to fix red eye on iPhone using the default function. See, the in-built function is great, and it does the thing ok. However, we bet, you won’t mind some additional goodies and more flawless results to your image. Do you?


The third-party apps from App Store do the exact tasks. We have tried some of the best red-eye remover apps for iPhone & iPad. Here, we would like to briefly explain the functions of three apps that we have found perfect for adjusting red eyes smoothly and without any peculiarity.


  • Eye Color Changer Editor – Makeup Red Eye Remover
  • Red Eye Corrector ⊙ Fix red-eye
  • Quik Remove: Red Eye Corrector
  • Default red eye correction function on iPhone

    Eye Color Changer Editor – Makeup Red Eye Remover 


    As mentioned earlier, we will focus on red-eye issues on images, and so far, it seems like this app has every tool and technique to deal with this. The app algorithm has been ingeniously developed to track eyes on a photo. This helps precise and natural red-eye removal function. Even the photo aftereffect is smooth and leaves no glitches behind.


    After answering how to fix red eye on iPhone, this app also offers various other eye beautifying tools. Starting with eye color alterations to numerous pupil templates to customize the style of your pupil on an image. Aside from that, you can also adjust the size of your eyes as well as adjust and fix eye lenses quickly.


    Red Eye Corrector ⊙ Fix red-eye 


    This is another app we have tested and found effective against red eyes on an image. Here you can instantly import an image from the Photos. Following this, you will get automated red-eye detection and correction facility. However, you have several useful tools to manually remove red-eye if you are not satisfied with the default result.


    Besides that, this powerful app offers a smooth zoom-in function to pinpoint your eyes on the picture. Additionally, you get a before and after effect glance for comparing the changes with the editing operation once done.


    Quik Remove: Red Eye Corrector


    When seeking a solution of how to fix red eye on iPhone, another app took our attention, and that is Quik Remove: Red Eye corrector. This app can be a quick solution for red-eye in photography. Even the operation is relatively straightforward in this app. Your task is to import the image from the camera roll that needs an alteration.


    Following that, the app will automatically detect the red eyes and resolve that, saving the resolved picture back to the camera roll. You can also instantly share the finished file via email or other social apps. In addition to that, you can manually resolve the red-eye if you wish. This app integrates multiple functions to fix the red-eye on your image.


    How to fix red eye on iPhone images with the default tool

    3 third-party apps from App Store

    iPhone has integrated its own red-eye fixing function with its photo editing module. This function is effective and can fix minor red eyes on a picture. Therefore, if you feel comfortable sticking with the native iPhone tools and functions instead of third-party apps, this option is for you. The integrated red-eye fixing function can be found in the image editing module.


    To get this function, you first need to launch the Photos app on your device. Next, open the photo that needs a red-eye fixing. Following this, you will have to tap the Edit option at the top right corner of the screen.


    Now you will get an Eye icon at the top right corner that you need to tap. Following this, manually tap the eyes on the picture to pinpoint the eyes that need fixing. You will see the app instantly fixes the red eyes. Once fixed, tap Done at the bottom right corner of the screen to save your changes, answering the query about how to fix red eye on iPhone.


    Steps of fixing red eye on iPhone in brief


  • Launch the Photos app on your iPhone
  • Select and open the image that needs fixing
  • Tap the Edit function at the top right corner of the screen
  • Tap the Eye icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • Select each eye on the picture by tapping it.
  • You will see a dedicated marker that marks the red-eye and instantly resolve it
  • Once the red eyes are gone, tap Done at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Tapping on Done saves the image with changes.

    The bottom line


    Fixing red-eye is easy and no big hassle as long as you have your iPhone. However, when answering how to fix red eye on iPhone, we recommend third-party apps on standby. These apps are more dynamic as well as powerful and make the red-eye fixing even easier. If you like to explore exciting and useful apps for your iPhone, we suggest visiting the Applavia blog site. Some of our listicles like 13 best apps to learn sign language on iPhone in 2022  or 13 best car diagnostic apps for iPhone with OBD2 will introduce you to several useful apps. Our tutorials, for instance, how to change video playback settings on iPhone, are worth reviewing as they are frequently queried by many.

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