How to Get a Moving Background on iPhone

How to get a moving background on iPhone

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Your iPhone device has both static and live backgrounds available on default. Users frequently overuse the collection of these wallpapers. You’ll have to rely on other sources if you want to give your iPhone a distinctive look. But, you won’t get high-resolution moving iPhone wallpaper from all of them. To know how to get a moving background on iPhone, you can utilize the excellent third-party app called Live Wallpaper 3D or the native iPhone wallpaper setting. This article will go through each of the alternatives in detail.

How to get a moving background on iPhone with the Live Wallpaper 3D app


The internet is littered with live wallpaper for iPhone. What’s unusual is finding a single location where you can acquire backgrounds from a variety of genres. This loss of quality is particularly noticeable in the case of moving backgrounds. You may fix this by getting the Live Wallpaper 3D app from the App Store. It includes a one-of-a-kind assortment of both moving and static wallpapers. Basically, this app can be your one-stop solution for getting unique high-resolution backgrounds. Essentially, this app will teach you how to get a moving background on iPhone that is superior to the ones used by others.

Do you want amazing wallpapers or wish to make live wallpapers yourself? Install Live Wallpaper 3D for free from the App Store now!

Here is how to get a moving background on iPhone with Live Wallpaper 3D:

steps on how to get live iPhone backgrounds with Live Wallpaper 3D
  • Go to the App Store, download Live Wallpaper 3D and launch the app
  • Select from various types of live wallpapers from the category section
  • For now, select the Live category to get moving backgrounds
  • Tap on the download icon, then select the Image button at the same place
  • The app will take you to the Photos app, select the downloaded live wallpaper from there
  • Afterward, tap on the share icon and select the Use as Wallpaper button from the following menu
  • Tap on the Set button on the bottom right corner
  • On the following pop-up menu, choose how you wish to set the wallpaper on your iPhone

Create and learn how to get a moving background on iPhone via the Live Wallpaper 3D app


Live Wallpaper 3D app is not only a treasure trove of unique wallpapers. You can also create your moving background using the tools provided by this app. It is a great way to customize your device uniquely and creatively. There are limitless ways how you can create your own sets of live backgrounds on iPhone. The convenient tools of the Live Wallpaper 3D app grant you special access to its most unique feature for making custom live wallpapers on your iPhone.

Steps on creating and learning how to get a moving background on iPhone with the Live Wallpaper 3D app:

Steps on making and learning how to get a live wallpaper for iPhone
  • Launch the Live Wallpaper 3D app
  • Select the Maker button at the bottom of your screen
  • In the following menu, choose New Live Wallpaper
  • Select the Camera icon to shoot a video or choose any videos from the gallery
  • Next on the Trim menu, trim your video to an appropriate length
  • Finally, tap on Create Live Wallpaper button to save your custom moving background
  • Find your moving background from the Maker menu, and from there, you can set it as a moving background on your iPhone as usual

How to get moving wallpapers on iPhone from the Settings


The iPhone device comes with its own sets of moving backgrounds. You can quickly discover them on the Settings menu. Apple keeps their wallpaper designs unique and eye-catchy on their every iOS update. Unlike the Live Wallpaper 3D app, the options are limited to native settings. However, the wallpapers you get from Apple are well optimized. Rest assured, the wallpapers, both static and moving, are beautiful to watch.

Steps on how to get a moving background on iPhone from the Settings menu:

how to get a moving backdrop on iPhone from Settings
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and find Wallpaper
  • Tap on Wallpaper to open the wallpaper menu
  • Next, select the Choose a New Wallpaper button
  • In the following menu, you will see three categories of wallpaper
  • For moving backgrounds, select the Dynamic or the Live category
  • Choose the background you like
  • Finally, tap on Set to see a pop-up window where you can pick how to set your moving background on iPhone

Final words


It’s always wonderful to have a different and lovely iPhone wallpaper. The backdrops’ moving elements add a lot to the overall appearance of your iPhone. This article should provide you with all of the answers to your questions about how to get a moving background on an iPhone. If you want to learn more about reasonable alternatives, check out our blog article titled 10 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone, which has a list of the best live wallpaper apps.

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