How to Get More Emojis on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - July 20, 2022, Last Modified: July 20, 2022
How to get more emojis on iPhone

Emojis are images that express a specific emotion and are used in messaging applications. You’ll find hundreds of emojis by default on your iPhone keyboard. However, you can only access them if you have enabled the emojis from your iPhone keyboard settings. Nevertheless, we will even show you how to enable the emoji keyboard on your iPhone. However, the only way to add new emojis is by using third-party iPhone emoji keyboard apps. So, in this detailed article, we will learn how to get more emojis on iPhone.


Instead of writing an entire sentence describing your current mood in a chat, just use the relevant emoji. If you are angry, you can use the “Angry face emoji,” a yellow face with visible anger. And if you are extra mad, you can use the red face emoji with a covered mouth. It means that you are so mad that you are cursing.


How to add emojis to iPhone keyboard


Your iPhone has a built-in emoji iPhone keyboard, which, when enabled, will give you access to hundreds of cool emojis. Activating the default emoji keyboard is very straightforward, and we’ll show you how.


Here’s how to enable the built-in emoji keyboard on iPhone:

Steps on how to add emojis to your iPhone keyboard
  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app
  • Next, head over to General
  • Then tap on Keyboard > Keyboards
Steps on how to add emojis to your iPhone keyboard 02
  • After that, select Add New Keyboard…
  • Now, scroll down and choose Emoji to enable it

How to get more emojis on iPhone using third-party emoji keyboard apps


Although your iPhone adds new emojis now and then, it won’t notify you when it does. Typically, suppose there are new emojis that need to be added to your iPhone’s built-in emoji keyboard. In that case, you need to update your phone. However, if you want custom emojis on iPhone, you need third-party emoji keyboard apps. Or use an emoji maker app to make your own custom emojis.

Send some cool stickers along with emojis while messaging. Try the Stickers : Sticker Maker app to make custom stickers.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to get new emojis on your iPhone using two different apps. One of them is an emoji keyboard app, and the other is an emoji maker app. And they are called:

Step-by-step process on how to get more emojis on iPhone with the Emoji + Fonts app:

Steps on how to add custom emojis on iPhone using the Emoji + Fonts app
  • First, install the Emoji + Fonts app on your iPhone.
  • Then head over to your iPhone’s Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards.
  • Next, select the Add New Keyboard
  • After that, locate and select your Emoji + Fonts keyboard under the Third-Party Keyboards
  • Then under Keyboards, select the Emoji + Fonts.
  • Afterward, turn on the toggle switch for Allow Full Access
  • Once you have done that, open your iPhone keyboard. Then tap and hold the Globe icon from the bottom-left corner and select your emoji keyboard.
  • After that, choose the emoji(s) that you’d want to type from your iPhone keyboard.

Step-by-step process on how to get more emojis on iPhone with the Moji Maker app:

Steps on how to get custom emojis on iPhone using the Moji Maker app
  • First, install and then launch the Moji Maker app on your iPhone.
  • Then create your own custom emojis from the available designs.
  • Once you have made your own custom emoji, tap on the Download icon from the left of the screen.
  • After that, open a messaging app, and then on your iPhone keyboard, you’ll see your app drawer.
Steps on how to get custom emojis on iPhone using the Moji Maker app 01 – 1
  • On the app drawer, swipe left or right to select the app from the list.
  • Then you’ll see your custom emoji(s) and tap on it to select.
  • Afterward, hit the Send button to send it to others

There are literally thousands of design options to choose from. Even more amazing is the potential of the Moji Maker app to create animated emojis. With the emoji maker app, you can choose the face, eye, eyebrows, mouth, and other designs to create your own emojis.


How to use emojis on iPhone


You can use your emojis on any app on your iPhone. However, you cannot type the custom emojis from Moji Maker on non-messaging apps like Notes. Nonetheless, they can be used on all messaging platforms. You can react to Instagram messages with emojis or send custom emojis as an iMessage.


Here are the step-by-step process how to use an emoji on your iPhone keyboard:

  • Open your iPhone keyboard and make sure your emoji keyboard is selected.
  • If not, then hit the Globe button and choose your emoji keyboard.
  • Then select the emoji that you’d want to share.
  • After that, hit the Upload button to send the emoji.

What is a skin tone emoji?


Most early emoji characters have white traits. So, in order to promote diversity or inclusivity, Apple and Unicode have included multicultural emojis. You’ll find emojis with a diverse selection of skin tones.


So, open your iPhone emoji keyboard from an app that supports this feature. Then select an emoji representing a face or hand and touch and hold over it. Afterward, a horizontal menu appears with the same emoji in different skin tones. Next, slide your finger in the menu over to the emoji that you’d want to use and then lift a finger to select it.


How to remove your emoji keyboard app on your iPhone


Whether your built-in emoji keyboard or third-party apps, you can remove them from your iPhone keyboard if you so wish. If you are using a third-party emoji keyboard app and you don’t want to use it anymore, it is better to remove it. The steps to remove a keyboard app from your iPhone keyboard are straightforward. Here’s how:

Steps on how to remove the emoji keyboard from your iPhone keyboard
  • Open your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Next, head over to General > Keyboard >
  • You’ll see the list of keyboards that currently active on your iPhone keyboard.
  • Then tap on Edit, located in the top-right of your screen. A red minus sign appears beside all the keyboards.
  • After that, hit the Red minus icon beside the keyboard that you’d want to remove
  • Now, tap on the Delete button to remove it.
  • Afterward, tap on Done to complete the process.

Concluding remarks


Apple frequently adds new emojis to its iPhone’s built-in emoji keyboard app. And with third-party emoji keyboard apps, you can also get many new emojis. Here we’ve covered how to get more emojis on iPhone keyboard.


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