How to Hide Photos on iPhone & Keep Them Secured

Hide Photos & Videos with the secret picture vault app

Before The Start

Regardless of the purpose, we all need a safe and secured space in our devices to hide some private photos and videos. We understand that each and every one of us has some secrets. While keeping all that in mind, we’ve created a perfect app for iPhone and iPad to seamlessly keep your secret photos and videos confidential.

So, head over to the App Store and download Photo Safe Vault – Private Pic, our most impressive photos, and videos locker yet. Once stored inside the safe lock, you don’t have to worry about your private contents anymore.

A secret photo vault app for safekeeping hidden images and videos

Even after locking your device with Touch ID or Face ID, you might get concerned about unwanted people gaining access and discovering your personal photos. iPhone’s default feature lets you hide pictures from the Photos app’s main screen, but it’s not foolproof. Since your hidden images can still be accessed from a different tab, it makes hiding photos pointless.

Fortunately, Photo Safe Vault is a welcoming addition. It does what iPhone’s native hiding feature can’t do. And that is hiding photos and videos safely and efficiently.

There are many reasons why someone would want to keep their photos and videos hidden. For example, it might be because they have pictures that they just don’t want to show to a certain individual. Or it might be some sort of intimate photograph. No judgment, of course; they probably have their reasons.

Now, whatever the core reason is, we all agree this is quite an essential feature to maintain our privacy. While talking about privacy, let’s not forget to mention that our app sports a fully functional private browser. The browser supports the Touch ID feature for extra security aswell.

So, let’s go through the steps and make some photos and videos private without worrying much.

How to add photos to hidden folders?

It’s relatively straightforward to navigate around within the app, thanks to the simple user interface. Adding images to a folder is quite easy as well. Moreover, you can directly import photos and videos from cloud storage and hide them through this amazing secret photo vault app effortlessly.

Step 1. Add folder to the photo vault app

1. Firstly, tap on the Plus(+) button and press the Folder icon on the lower right to create a folder. Create as many folders as you want according to your requirement.

2. Secondly, press the folder you just created to enter. From here on, you have two ways to add pictures to a folder. Add photos or videos either via importing straight from the cloud storage or from the device storage.

Adding folders to store hidden photos

Step 2. Import personal photographs from the cloud

1. To import pictures and videos from the cloud, tap on the Cloud icon.

2. Select the desired cloud storage from where you want to import your media. Note that you have to fill in the appropriate credentials to start importing.

Import images from the cloud

Step 3. Add from iPhone gallery

1.  Press the Image icon on the left side to start adding images and videos from the storage device.

2. Select all the pictures and videos you want to add to the folder. This app has supports for pan gestures. So, adding multiple images is a breeze.

3. When you’re done selecting the contents, tap on the Import Items button.

4. Now, you have the option to immediately delete the pictures you’ve just imported from the device. This is to ensure the imported photos stay secured only inside the secret photo vault you’ve just created. Immediately tap on the Delete button on the upper left corner to do this.

Add photos to the folder from the gallery

Step 4. Lock folders you just created & customize it

1.  Tap on the right section of a folder to start editing the properties of it.

2.  Rename the folder or add a Cover Photo to it.

3.  Finally, lock the folder by tapping on the Album Lock.

Fake passcode & Unique Break-In-Alerts for the photo vault

Break-in alerts and fake passcode are some of the most innovative features of this app. Clearly, nobody in their wildest imagination would think that the app would secretly take photos of them if they enter the wrong passcode. Sounds amusing, right? Wait till you see the actual pictures of their face while caught in the act.

Additionally, it stores the attempted failed passcodes they entered while trying to sneak into your secured photos. This photo vault app has the feature of fake passcode too. Simply set up a fake passcode before and when you enter it, the app will start up with different contents and media inside. Cool, isn’t it?

Break-in-alert notification


Hiding photos using the app is convenient as it doesn’t require any extra hassle. Indeed none of us are without secrets. And some secrets are best stayed hidden from the prying eyes of many people.

To summarize, the Photo Vault app provides the perfect medium to keep your sensitive photos & videos safe with reliable security. All you have to do is follow the instructions we conveyed in this article & your privacy will remain intact.

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