How to Highlight PDF on Mac

Article By: Hess Brown - August 1, 2022, Last Modified: August 1, 2022
How to Highlight PDF on Mac

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The best way to draw attention to a specific part of a PDF document is by highlighting it. You can do that using third-party apps or native tools. However, it would be best for you to use a platform with a complete package alongside the highlight feature. In that sense, this article about how to highlight PDF on Mac will discuss a third-party app called pdfFiller and the native Preview option.


How to highlight PDF on Mac with pdfFiller


The pdfFiller app has the potential to be the only solution for everything related to PDF editing. It is hard to find a third-party PDF app with adequate tools and features, let alone ease of use. On the contrary, the pdfFiller brings user convenience with an intuitive and practical design. You can quickly learn how to highlight on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or other Mac devices with the help of this app.

Do you need a convenient app to edit your PDF documents? Get the pdfFiller app and discover its powerful yet simple-to-use tools to edit and manage your PDF files. It is arguably the best user-friendly PDF editor app on the market.

The pdfFiller app also gives you straightforward tools to add a watermark to PDF on Mac. There are also numerous other options, like tools to add comments to a PDF. But for now, follow the steps below to learn how to highlight text in PDF on your Mac.


Steps on how to highlight PDF on Mac with pdfFiller

Step-by-step guide on how to highlight PDF on Mac with pdfFiller
  • First, open a PDF document with the pdfFiller application on your Mac.
  • Then, click on the Tools option and select Highlight.
  • Now you can use your mouse or mousepad to drag and highlight the texts.
  • In addition, you can use different tools to change the highlighter’s color, shape, and size.
  • After that, click the Done button at the top right corner to process and save the document.
  • Finally, you can discover the edited PDF in the My Documents section of the application.

Learn how to highlight PDF on Mac with Preview


The native Preview app of macOS is a powerful tool with several different functionalities. Among those, you get a simple yet effective tool for highlighting text on PDF documents. As a default feature of your Mac device, it is not as advanced as a specialized third-party app.


However, the native nature of the Preview app makes it a faster solution for editing PDF files. Now let’s find out how to highlight on a PDF on Mac from the steps below.


Steps on using Preview to highlight PDF on Mac

Step-by-step guide on how to highlight PDF on Mac with Preview
  • First, open the PDF document with Preview on your Mac device.
  • After the document opens, click the down arrow next to the Highlight button to choose a color, Underline, or Strikethrough.
  • Now, select the texts, and the tool will automatically highlight them.
  • Finally, you may turn off highlighting by clicking the Highlight tool.

How to remove highlights in PDF on Mac


Using the third-party pdfFiller app, you can easily remove highlights from your PDF document. First, you must open the PDF file within the app and select the highlighted texts. Then, click the Trash icon to delete the highlights from your PDF document. Finally, save the document without highlights by clicking the Done button.

How to remove highlight with pdfFiller app 01

The pdfFiller app also can remove highlights put on the documents through other apps. For that, select the highlighted text and click on the Pen icon. Then, you need to select the Text Color button and choose any color option to remove the highlight. Finally, click the Done button to save your progress.

How to remove highlight with pdfFiller app 02

On the other hand, the process is also straightforward if you use the native Preview app. To remove a highlight, open the PDF document with Preview, Control-click the highlighted text, and select Remove Highlight to complete the process.




Highlighting text on PDF documents is helpful for readthrough, proofreading, or research purposes. You can get the required tools through third-party and in-built apps. This post on how to highlight PDF on Mac has shown the steps in detail. If you think this guide was resourceful, you might like our take on the best PDF editor apps for Mac.

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