How to Increase Volume on iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - January 8, 2022
How to Increase Volume on iPhone

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If you have been noticing a low level of volume on your iPhone, then you may be asking how to boost volume and loudness on iPhone on a regular basis. There’s no need to be bothered, as we’ll show you how to increase volume on iPhone with the Equalizer Fx app for iPhone in this post.

How to increase volume on iPhone with the Equalizer Fx App

First and foremost, if the sound level on your iPhone is too low, you may not be able to hear the audio output. It’s simple to lower your volume on iPhone all the way down or select the silent option by accident.

Do you want to discover how to increase volume on iPhone? Install the Equalizer Fx App for free and easily make your iPhone louder.

Yes, indeed, your iPhone has equalization built-in. You can’t actually change the settings for the different frequencies, either. As a consequence, the Equalizer Fx is now available to you. With this EQ app, you can drastically enhance the volume of your iPhone.


To use the Equalizer Fx app to make your iPhone louder for your favorite tracks, follow the instructions below.

how to make iphone louder_best equalizer settings
  • If you haven’t already, download the Equalizer Fx app
  • Choose and play any audio file from your music library
  • Select “Loudness” as a preset
  • Adjust the bass booster and treble power levels to your liking by sliding the slider up and down.
how to increase sound on iPhone

How to increase volume on iPhone using three overlooked ways:

Often in life, the simplest solutions are the last things on our minds. Here are three quick ways to boost the volume on your iPhone.


To raise the volume, use the volume buttons as follows:

picture of iPhone volume up and down keys on the side of the phone
  • Insert the unlock code for your iPhone
  • Press or hold down the volume up button located on the left side of your iPhone.

Using the iPhone settings app to increase volume:

  • Open Settings app on your iPhone and press on the screen to enable sounds and haptics to adjust sound on iPhone
  • Turn the Ringer and Alerts sliders all the way up

Note: It’s likely that your iPhone speaker is faulty if you don’t hear anything.


Using Siri to increase the volume on iPhone:

iPhone Hey Siri logo
  • If you’re listening to something on your iPhone already, tap the Siri Home button to turn up the volume until Siri appears, or say, “Hey Siri.”
  • If you want to turn up the volume, say, “Turn up the volume.”

How to increase volume on iPhone using the native EQ on iPhone

The aforementioned option compresses Dynamic Range by inverting audio, lowering harsh noises, and boosting quieter tones.

  • Increase the volume of your iPhone music by using the Equalizer
  • Go to Settings > Music > EQ to access the EQ. This is disabled by default
  • Set the timer to Late Night.

How to increase volume on iPhone using Bluetooth speaker

iPhone next to a Bluetooth speaker picture

Connecting your iPhone to a speaker is one of the simplest methods to make it louder if nothing else works. Because this approach uses an external microphone, you’ll need a good Bluetooth speaker.


3 easy steps:

  • Purchase an aftermarket Bluetooth speaker
  • Connect your iPhone to the speaker through Bluetooth to stream audio
  • Adjust volume using Equalizer Fx

Ending Statements

To be quite frank, many people use their iPhone in noisy situations. Therefore, suggesting that your iPhone’s volume is turned down. However, everyone with volume difficulties will benefit from the above-mentioned tips and strategies for raising volume on iPhone.

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