How to Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone

How to lock Facebook profile on iPhone

Facebook is arguably one of the, if not the best social platforms to date. But with all the accessibilities, connections, and updates, one thing it lacks is privacy. However, being social and all, you can still learn how to lock Facebook profile on iPhone and retain a level of personal space.


Facebook profile lock is a relatively new feature; introduced to users to better manage their accounts. In the past, we could limit access to our posts, shares, photos, or friend lists; but all of those had to be done separately. Now, by knowing how to make Facebook private on iPhone, you can achieve complete privacy with ease. Let’s check out what it is and how to lock profile on Facebook in the following.


What happens after locking your Facebook profile?


Facebook, currently known as Meta, has introduced a way to lock personal accounts and create limitations in terms of visitors. So what does that actually imply? Simply put, it means that your posts, contents like photos, videos and stories, check-ins, etc. are restricted to your friends only. This feature is a one-stop solution to all your questions regarding how to lock your Facebook account and keep it private.

Facebook profile lock

Wondering how to lock your profile picture on Facebook? Locking out your profile also restricts access to your display pictures. As a result, one can’t click, open, or download your profile picture if they’re not on your friend list. It also takes your old posts that were public and changes their audience to friends only. After locking your account on Facebook, you can’t post publicly anymore. In essence, you lead a private account hereafter on the most popular social platform on Earth.


How to lock Facebook profile on iPhone | 2 easy ways


The processes on how to lock your Facebook profile on iPhone include two methods, using the Facebook App or a browser. Either way, it’s relatively simple.


How to lock profile on Facebook on iPhone using the app

how to lock profile on Facebook on iPhone
  • Open the Facebook app on iPhone and go to your profile.
  • Then under the profile picture, tap the three dots icon.
  • Profile Settings will appear. Tap on “Lock profile” from there.
  • Finally, check the privacy updates and select “Lock your profile.”


      How to lock Facebook profile on iPhone using a browser



      how to lock your Facebook profile on iPhone from browser
    • Enter on your Safari, Chrome, or whichever browser you use on your iPhone.
    • Log into your account and select your profile.
    • Besides the “Edit profile” section, tap the three dots button.
    • Then tap on “Lock profile” from the menu.
    • Select “Lock your profile” on the next page, and you’re good to go.

      How to change privacy settings on Facebook


      Along with locking the profile, you can also try altering the Facebook privacy settings on your iPhone. Facebook gives meticulous control over the security settings and allows you to change things the way you want. All you have to access is the Settings while logged in and explore the options.


      For instance, you can select custom audiences for your posts and limit the people you want as viewers. You can also set two-factor authentication along with the password, choose authorized devices, and so on. What’s more, you can also set preferences for News Feed, Notifications, Timeline & Tagging, basically personalizing it all for a tailored experience.


      Here’s how to change Facebook privacy settings on iPhone

      How to change privacy settings on Facebook
    • On your Facebook app, go to the Menu tab at the bottom.
    • Then touch Settings & privacy.
    • And tap on Settings to open up the options.
    • From there, go to Password and Security, or any other settings to change them as you like.

      Why Facebook profile lock is not available on iPhone?


      Facebook profile lock is one of the newer features of this platform. If you’re wondering, how do I lock my Facebook profile but can’t find the option, chances are your region does not support it yet. Facebook has gradually made it available to lock user accounts among countries. It’s supported in almost all of the regions now, and you should be able to do it eventually.


      How can I lock my Facebook profile?

      • Launch the Facebook app and click on your profile.
      • Then go to your profile menu by touching the ellipsis button (three dots).
      • Find the Lock profile option to lock your account.

        Final words


        In this easy walkthrough, we’ve discovered how to lock Facebook profile on iPhone from both the app and browser. Explore more options to tighten privacy on your iPhone, by learning how to set up parental controls, for instance. If interested, you can also check out how to record Facebook live stream and maximize the usage of this amazing social platform.

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