How to Lock iPhone Screen while Watching video

How to Lock iPhone Screen while Watching video

Imagine your toddler is crying the house out when ending up shutting off his favorite cartoon show after randomly tapping on the phone screen. Or watching your favorite show on Netflix and accidentally pressing the home lock button on your iPhone. Did you know you can lock the iPhone screen to get rid of accidental touch screen taps? Here we are explaining how to lock iPhone screen while watching videos. The step-by-step process will lead you through the whole iPhone screen locking technique so that your video viewing experience remains uninterrupted.


How to lock iPhone screen while watching video: Quick Guide


Whether watching YouTube videos or Netflix Prime Time show on your iPhone, unexpected interruptions are common when your phone touch screen is active. Apple has integrated a smart solution, which is an iPhone lock screen feature. This disables screen touch functions when a user watches streaming media content on an iPhone. Below are the 3 simple steps that lead you to the lock screen setup process on your iPhone.


Set a secured guided access password

Show Secured guided password setup

When headed to solve the query about how to lock iPhone screen while watching video, the first step should be setting up the guided access preference. This will ensure your secured Access to the lock screen function and attempt to return to active screen mode again.


To activate the guided access password, you should begin by tapping the Settings option on your iPhone. Scroll down to General, followed by Accessibility. Here you will again see a long list of functions. Scroll all the way down until you come across Guided Access.


Tap on Guided Access. Turn it on the Guided Access using the toggle option and set up a password from the Passcode Settings. Set a 6-digit passcode. Return one step back and toggle on the Accessibility Shortcut. This assigns a shortcut function on the power button of your iPhone.


Activate the Guided Access while playing a video

Activate guided access process

Now it’s time to play media content and activate the screen lock feature you have set in the earlier stage. For that, you first need to play a video file. It can be a Youtube, Netflix, or other online or on-disk video content.


Once the video is running on full-screen,  you will see that the touch screen is still responsive. Now it’s time to implement the lock screen shortcut. Frequently tap the power button three times, and a pop-up message will appear on the screen. You will get two options here; Smart Invert and Guided Access.


Tap the Guided Access. You will get a confirmation notifying the activation of Guided Access. You have to triple press the power button again, followed by tapping the Guided Access option on the screen. Add the passcode you have set earlier, and eventually, the video with the Guided Access options will appear.


Disable the touch function using Guided Access

enable screen lock process

This final stage does all the tricks and solves the puzzle of How to lock iPhone screen while watching video. You will see Options in the lower-left corner of the interface. Tap it, and you will get several toggle-enabled functions. Toggle off the Touch at the bottom and finish the task by tapping Done.


Now your iPhone screen is ready to lockdown. You will see the Resume function in the upper right corner of the interface. Tap it, and your video playing back will resume. One last confirmation notification appears for a moment, saying the Guided Access has been started.


Now, your iPhone touch screen is disabled. You can enjoy an uninterrupted movie or video stream and don’t have to fear any accidental tap. Even the volume button will not work until the power button is pressed to recall the Guided Access function to deactivate the screen lock function.


How to unlock the iPhone screen after watching a video

disable screen lock process

When you are done watching a video or movie on your iPhone, it’s time to deactivate the screen lock function. Triple-press the power button, and the Guided assistant passcode will reappear again. Put the 6-digit code, and you will get the Guided Access options. This time tap the end function located at the top left corner of the screen. With that tap, your iPhone screen will be touch-sensitive again.




Now you have a proper answer to how to lock iPhone screen while watching a video. Therefore, if next time one of your friends complains about this issue while watching a movie on Netflix, simply guide them through this and be the tech-guru in social gatherings.


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