How to Look Up Passwords on iPhone

Article By: Abid Harris - January 9, 2022
How to look up passwords on iPhone

It’s not humanly possible or reasonable to remember all the passwords and accounts one usually has these days. Which is why we have password manager apps, iCloud Keychain, etc., to save that data. Nonetheless, if you care about online security, you should know how to look up passwords on iPhone.


In this easy go-through, we’ll learn how and where to find saved passwords on iPhone without a hitch. The methods include using a powerful Password Manager – PassKit app and Apple’s default settings. Let’s dive into the technicalities without further delay.

How to Look Up Passwords on iPhone | Safest 2 Ways

If you have been using Apple’s iCloud Keychain to remember and autofill passwords, learning how to look up passwords on iPhone should be straightforward for you. To make it versatile, we’ll also look into one of the best password manager apps for iPhone with added security.

How to look up passwords on iPhone using the iCloud Keychain

As mentioned earlier, iCloud Keychain is Apple’s default program for passwords and accounts on iPhone. It’s an automated system that prompts every time you enter credentials into a website or app. You can choose to save the passwords with usernames. Therefore, it will instantly be available throughout all your Apple devices with the same iCloud account.


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So, how to access Keychain on iPhone? It’s simple; all you have to do is open your iPhone settings. Along with finding stored passwords on iPhone, you can also make edits to any of the accounts from there. So whether you want to know how to find saved app passwords or old passwords on iPhone, read on.

Here’s how to look up saved passwords on iPhone from Keychain

how to view keychain passwords on iPhone
  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Passwords
  • Verify with Face ID or Passcode if asked
  • You’ll see all the saved passwords with the respective accounts. Note that you must’ve had allowed Keychain to access this information when you first saved them.
  • From there, you can open any of them and edit, update as necessary.
  • You can even save new credentials by tapping the Plus (+) icon at the top.

How to look up passwords on iPhone with the PassKit app

If you are wondering how to check saved passwords on iPhone, but you’re also keen on keeping them secured, a password manager app is a solution. Because; let’s be honest. If it’s easy to view passwords on iPhone, it’s not that safe. To that end, a password app makes it both accessible to you and protected from anyone else.


We’re talking about PassKit, one of the best password manager and password generator apps for iPhone. It comes with advanced RSA encryption to store your data and credentials safely. On top of that, the app requires a master password and Face ID or Touch ID to access personal information. So whether it’s about how to see stored app passwords or view saved passwords from Safari, PassKit can manage all.

Before you go on to discover how to look up passwords on iPhone, install the Password Manager – PassKit app for free.

Steps on how to look at saved passwords on iPhone using Password Manager – PassKit

where do I find my saved passwords
  • Open the PassKit app
  • Enter the master password when prompted
  • Then tap on the Logins section to see the saved passwords on your iPhone
  • To see your saved credit cards and notes, go to their respective menus.

Note: To see your passwords on the PassKit app, keep in mind that you should already have your passwords saved on the app. In essence, that’s how password managers work; you save the credentials inside the app, and then you’re able to view them anytime. Using this app, you can also generate strong and random passwords for your accounts.

Here’s how to save passwords on iPhone using the PassKit app

how to save passwords on iPhone
  • On your iPhone, launch the Password Manager – PassKit app
  • Tap the Plus (+) button at the bottom
  • From the options, click on Logins
  • A list of popular websites will appear. You can choose to select any of them or tap on Create login manually.
  • When done, tap to save the data.
  • You can also create notes with the credential if necessary.
  • Next, enter the website, username, and password in their respective fields.

In addition, generating your own password with random letters and numbers makes the best kind of security. You won’t have to remember complex lines of letters, just let the PassKit app store and retrieve them whenever necessary.

Here’s how to generate passwords on iPhone using PassKit

how to generate passwords on iPhone
  • Open the Password Manager – PassKit app on iPhone.
  • Tap the Plus (+) button.
  • Next, go to Logins.
  • From there, you can either choose a default website or create a login manually.
  • Next, enter the website name and username.
iPhone password generator
  • On the Password field, tap on Generate Password.
  • Customize letters, digits, symbols as needed to ensure an unbreakable password.
  • Then click on Use at the bottom right.
  • That’s it! Save the info on your app and view them anytime.

Wrapping up

In this detailed guide on how to look up and retrieve app passwords or browser passwords on iPhone, we’ve covered ways to view all credentials securely. While Apple’s default iCloud Keychain works fine, the PassKit app offers more in terms of security and accessibility altogether. Make your choice and review the saved accounts anytime on your iPhone. If interested, check out more of the similar write-ups here.

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