How to Make a Music Video on iPhone: Two Ways

How to Make a Music Video on iPhone

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You don’t need expensive cameras to shoot good-quality music videos to kickstart your career. If you want to post your content on social media or a YouTube channel, you could do it with your iPhone. With the evolution of iPhone devices and their camera, you can easily capture amazing videos. All you need to make a good music video on your iPhone is a decent video editing app. So, here in this guide, we’ll explore how to make a music video on iPhone.

“Install the Video Editor app for free from the App Store to edit your videos on iPhone.”

There is a difference between shooting a video and making a video. Shooting a video means the physical act of capturing the video with a camera. Whereas making a video is the entire process, from shooting and editing the footage to making it presentable and entertaining to watch.

We’ll explain how you can make music videos on your iPhone using a third-party video editing app. In addition, we’ll also share an alternative to the third-party app by using Apple’s own iMovie app.

Let’s find out how to make a music video on iPhone with a third-party app


You no longer need an enormous budget to make a music video or know how to use a complex video editing app on your iPhone. Many editing apps are available on the App Store with a simple interface and has impressive features. Here we’ll discuss one of them called the Video Editor app. If you’re wondering the best way how to add music to a video on iPhone, then this is the app you want.

Find out how to make a music video on iPhone. Download the Video Editor app from the App Store for free

We’ve seen many artists on YouTube try to cover viral songs to gain the fame that would eventually help them start their own music career. Or you could try to make videos dancing to popular songs. You can achieve this with the Video Editor app as it is the best app to edit videos on iPhone.


You can shoot your video first and then add music to the video. Or you could record your voice and then add it to your video. In both ways, you can easily make a quick and simple music video for your social media channel.


Step-by-step process on how to make a music video on iPhone with the Video Editor app:

steps on how to make a video with music on iPhone using the Video Editor app
  • Open the Video Editor app.
  • Select the video that you’d want to edit. Or shoot your video by tapping on the camera icon.
  • Next, on the editing page, tap on ADD MUSIC button.
  • After that, tap on iTunes Music to add tracks from your Apple Music library, or tap on Record Audio to add your own song or soundtrack to your video.
  • Then tap on the Upload icon from the top-right corner of your screen to render and save your video.
  • Let’s learn how to make a music video on iPhone with iMovie


    An alternate way to make a music video on iPhone is by using the iMovie app. It is Apple’s video editing program developed to work with their iPhone and iPad devices. This app also has everything you’d need to make music videos.


    Steps on how to add music to your iPhone video in iMovie:

    steps on how to make a music video on iPhone with iMovie app
  • Launch the iMovie app.
  • Next, tap on the Plus + symbol to start a new project.
  • Then tap on Movie, select a video, and tap on Create Movie.
  • On the editing page, tap on the small Plus + icon.
  • steps on how to make a music video on iPhone with iMovie app
  • Next, either tap on Audio to add music or songs to your video, or tap on Voiceover to record your own song to your video.
  • Once you’ve finished editing the video, tap on Done to save your work.
  • Wrap Up


    In this complete guide, we’ve discussed how to make a music video on iPhone in full detail. We’ve shared the processes on how you could achieve this using either a third-party video editing app or the native iMovie app.


    If you’ve found this guide helpful, then check out this article on how to add voice over to a video on iPhone.

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