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  • Published : February 17, 2022

How to Make a Playlist on iPhone

How to make a playlist on iPhone

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Most of us create a playlist on our phones to listen to our favorite music. There are instances when you have to rely on a third-party app. On that occasion, you might want to learn how to make a playlist on iPhone through the app you are using. You will learn to use the playlist feature provided by a third-party application named Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App. This guide will also touch on the default option you get with iTunes or the Apple Music app.


How to make a playlist on iPhone while using Equalizer Fx


Equalizer FX is a great application that you can get on the App Store. This sound amplifier app is for music lovers and audiophiles. The default music player is great for everyday listening purposes. However, Equalizer FX will take that experience to a new height with features like a bass booster.

Do you want to enhance your music quality and an audio player for adding a playlist to your iPhone? Install Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App for free from the App Store and experience your favorite song like never before

Equalizer Fx for iPhone comes with a slew of options. All of those tools improve the audio quality of your iPhone device. It’s simple to learn how to make a playlist on iPhone or manage downloads using this application. You may also include music-enhancing elements in your songs. Overall, this fantastic app may turn out to be the best music player you have been searching for all along.


Step-by-step process on how to make a playlist on iPhone via Equalizer Fx

Steps on how to make a playlist on iPhone via Equalizer Fx

  • Launch Equalizer Fx
  • On the bottom left corner, find the Playlist section
  • Tap on it to enter
  • Then, at the top, hit the + symbol to make a playlist
  • Enter name and select Create
  • Go to Explore or Downloads section of the app and choose any songs
  • Then, next to the song’s name, click the plus symbol
  • Add the music to your playlist

    Apart from making a playlist with Equalizer Fx, you can use this app for various purposes. You may go through the blog post – How to amplify sound on iPhone: Play music and add sound effects on Equalizer Fx. Or, you can look at some of its features below before moving on to creating a playlist on iPhone.


    Top features you get from installing Equalizer FX on iPhone:


  • Bass Booster
  • Music visualizer
  • Custom presets
  • Cloud import with offline play support
  • Presets: Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Rock, Acoustic, Flat, Latin, Hip Hop, etc.

    How to make a playlist on iPhone through the Music app


    If you want a simple, clean app to listen to music, the default app should be your preferred app. You can create a playlist in the Music app and share them with friends. However, using the default app has disadvantages. The sophisticated capabilities of a third-party app are typically not available in native apps. In this case, the Equalizer Fx outperforms the competition by a wide margin.


    Step-by-step method on how to make a playlist on iPhone with the Music app:

    Steps on how to create a playlist on the Apple Music app

  • Open the Music app
  • Tap on Library, Playlist, and then tap New Playlist
  • Type a name for your playlist on the Playlist Name section
  • Then, tap on Add Music
  • Add music by tapping the plus icon next to its name
  • Finally, tap on the Done button to complete the process

    The playlist will remain on your iPhone until you delete it manually from your device. If you sync with iTunes, you can edit or delete the playlist. By tapping the playlist you want to edit, you can make changes to it. You will see Edit, Clear, and Delete options on the top of your screen. Tap on Clear to remove all the songs from the playlist. Tap on Delete to delete the playlist from your iPhone.


    How to make a playlist on iPhone using iTunes


    If you have an iMac or a PC with iTunes, you would love to use a feature of iTunes that lets you create a smart playlist. You can create a smart playlist that can automatically organize songs. A Smart Playlist can include your most loved hip-hop songs. Songs imported from a CD will be automatically added to the Smart Playlist.


    Steps on how to make a smart playlist on iPhone using iTunes:


  • Open iTunes
  • Choose File > New > Smart Playlist
  • Set out the criteria

    How to Edit Smart Playlists


    You can edit your Smart Playlists in three different ways. Drag a song to a new spot if you want to modify the order of the songs. If you’re going to remove that song, select the music, press Delete, or right-click and choose Remove from Playlist. On the other hand, you can set custom rules for your Smart Playlist. For that, you have to select Edit Rules then modify the settings.




    Making a playlist on your iPhone is a relatively easy task. Equalizer Fx is a fine choice for any iPhone user who loves to have a third-party app on their device. This app checks on every aspect of an excellent music application. Alternatively, if you are fond of minimalist yet workable tools, you can go for the native iOS applications and tools. You could quickly learn to make a playlist on iPhone in both ways.

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