How to Make iPhone Faster – You Need to Know

How to Make iPhone Faster (Applavia)

Let’s be honest here; you will eventually find that your older iPhone is slowing down after a certain time. Still, these strategies can help even the slowest iPhone operate quicker. Today, we will dig deep into how to make iPhone faster.


Find out how to make iPhone faster


There are actually a plethora ways to make your iPhone quicker, depending on your individual scenario. If your iPhone suddenly becomes slow, you should first attempt these tried-and-true tips and tactics to speed it up.


Delete programs that consume a lot of memory


Your iPhone will run slower the fuller it becomes. To mitigate this issue, go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage to check how much space a particular program takes up.


Do an update on your iPhone


It is highly recommended to update your iPhone on a frequent basis in order for it to function correctly and ultimately make iPhone run faster. Getting these updates has several advantages.


For starters, these upgrades frequently include bug fixes. They are commonly connected to why your iPhone is bogging down. Updating the OS on an older iPhone model might cause it to crash. The reason is that the current OS will outperform the older iPhone model, thus resulting in an iPhone speedup.


How to make iPhone faster by decreasing Motion

How to make iPhone faster by decreasing Motion

The iPhone does a fantastic job of fluidly switching between apps with animations. However, these animations use battery life and might cause your iPhone to slow down. You can easily opt to Reduce Motion in Settings if you don’t mind the difference.


  • Select Accessibility from the Settings app
  • Tap to Move
  • Reduce Motion is turned on

    Closely monitor background operations


    Since your iPhone is running slow, be sure to shut down background apps that aren’t required to be operating. We don’t recommend doing this because of the amount of memory the programs may consume; instead, we recommend closing background processes to prevent them from becoming active and creating latency spikes. Double-click the Home button to activate the app switcher, then swipe up to dismiss any non-essential apps.


    Give your iPhone a restart


    You’d be shocked how much a simple reboot of your iPhone can fix. Restarting your iPhone clears memory and forces all applications and system processes to restart and finish their startup routines. This will definitely speed up iPhone.


    Clear cache and history on Safari

    Clear cache and history on Safari

    Much like the typical browser you use on your Laptop, Safari requires some cleansing from time to time to keep your iPhone running smoothly. Therefore, you’ll need to clear its cache. Get this done by Navigating to Settings>Safari and choose “Clear History and Website Data.”


    To wrap up


    These are the most common methods to know how to make iPhone faster. When resetting your iPhone, some people recommend erasing all files and settings. However, your iPhone will be wiped clean, and you will lose everything. Therefore, do not do so without first creating a backup.


    Next, check out how to free up storage on iPhone and how to clear cache on iPhone.

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