How to Make iPhone Louder: Use Equalizer Bass Booster App for Enhanced Music Experience

Article By: Minhaz H - June 2, 2021
How to Make iPhone Louder

Are you an audiophile who loves to hear bass boosted music? Do you always wonder how to make iPhone louder to get the max volume booster effects for your song? Only an excellent sound enhancer app can give you that experience, and there are plenty of such apps that can be found in the App Store.


Fortunately for you, we can suggest the best bass booster app for your iPhone. Download the Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App to fully enjoy your favorite music. Whether you need a sound booster or access to the best EQ settings – Equalizer Fx provides all of this and more! We’ve put up some helpful pieces of information below to help you make the most of your musical experience.

How to make iPhone louder?

Your iPhone does have a default bass booster equalizer, but you can’t truly go in and adjust the settings for the different frequencies. So, apps like Equalizer Fx come in handy. This sound enhancer app makes it simple to boost the volume of your favorite songs.

How to make iPhone louder with the best music equalizer app?

Follow the instructions below on how to make iPhone louder for your favorite songs with the Equalizer Fx app.

Wondering how to make iPhone louder for listening to your favorite songs? Then install the Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App on your iPhone for free from the App Store.

  • If you haven’t done it already, install the Equalizer Fx app.
  • Choose and play any song of your choice from your music library
  • Tap on the bass booster button
  • Turn the booster power button ON
  • Adjust the bass power level by moving the slider up and down

Listening to loud music is known to relieve stress. It keeps away anxieties and acts as a stimulant. Some even claimed that loud sounds make music sound even better. So fans of heavy metal always seek how to make music louder on their iPhone device. They usually do it by boosting the sound effects of their music EQ settings. Every person has different tastes in music, and it is a basic need for human functioning.

Key features of this volume booster app

For those of you who enjoy high-volume tunes, the question arises, does equalizer apps make the music even better? Definitely! You’ll appreciate your music even more.


The Equalizer Fx app has features that can make music on your iPhone sound louder. They are:

  • Bass boosting effects with a lot of punch
  • 7-band equalizer settings for bass control
  • More than 15 equalizer presets
  • Multiple amazing music visualizer settings

Equalizer Fx is a dedicated iPhone app that provides an amazing music listening experience. Starting with the explore menu at the top of the app, this app has a simpler menu that categorizes all of its essential capabilities. Equalizer Fx intelligently organizes and displays all of your music list in your iPhone library. To find more about the app’s features, visit this link.

A bass enhancer to turn up the volume

how to make iphone louder_bass booster bars

The bass boosting feature of the Equalizer Fx is one of its prominent features. Yes, this app’s bass bar is actually incredible! When you raise the bass on your favorite tunes, you may feel your iPhone tremble.


By moving the bass bar to your preference, you may pick how much bass power you wish to hear in your song. Heavy music genres like rock and heavy metal benefit from the added bass, which has pounding drums and shrieking guitar sounds.


Equalizer Fx enhances the sound quality while providing the finest bass boost sound effects. You can make your iPhone speaker louder by boosting up the bass from the app. Feel the tremor of a multi-channel home theater in your ears.

Best multi-band EQ settings & presets

how to make iphone louder_best equalizer settings

Equalizer Fx makes it much easy to take your favorite tracks to the next level. It comes with seven-band graphic equalizers. You can now transform low-quality audio files into high-quality ones by using various bass tuners. Adjust the EQ setting by moving the sliders and enhancing your song.


The music enhancer has a great set of equalization presets onboard. More than 15 pre-programmed equalizers are available for virtually every musical genre. Acoustic, Bass Booster, Bass Reducer, Flat, Classical, Hip Hop, Rock, Latin, Pop, and more genres are included. So, adjust the tuners which go best with your music style and enjoy its captivating sounds.


For some die-hard music lovers, pre-loaded equalizer presets are not enough. So, the Equalizer Fx offers customizable equalizers where you can take control and adjust the seven-band music tuners. By doing this, you can increase the sound of your favorite song according to your preferences.

Setting equalizers for best sound

The Equalizer Fx improves the audio quality and provides the most realistic sound effects. You will get a comprehensive surround sound system with volume control. You may adjust the power level of various EQ settings to your liking. In your ears, you will hear smooth and amazing sounds.


You will get the best EQ settings from the Equalizer Fx app. Its music equalization tool allows you to personalize the sound effects, which makes it the best equalizer app for iPhone.

Amazing collection of music visualizers

Equalizer Fx includes a variety of audio visualizers and sound level meters that makes your listening experience even more enjoyable. When picking the music frequency meter of your choice, you may choose from a variety of intriguing color and design options.


Effective music visualization strives for a high degree of visual connection between the frequency of your music tracks and the sound wave visualizers. You can even track each and every beat of your songs. Visualization is quite important because powerful music with a rapid equalization will immerse you in the mood.


By producing displays that move and change color in sync with your music, sound visualizers may help you take your tracks to the next level. They can aid with sounds by providing a visual focus. They may also visually “turn up” your music, keeping it in your eyes as well as your ears. Mostly, they’re just entertaining to watch!

To sum up

You can find plenty of audio boosters and music apps but finding the right one can be challenging. Most apps will lack some of the key features that a music freak like you might prefer.


However, the Equalizer Fx app is specially designed to meet your requirements. It is an ideal volume amplifier app with an intriguing set of equalizer settings and presets. It is unquestionably the best in its category. This great equalization application offers a long range of useful features that have clearly underlined typical music enthusiasts all around the world.

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