How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone

How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone

By default, your iPhone will bring up the iOS qwerty keyboard on the bottom half of the screen whenever you press on a text field. It’s no secret that this keyboard is much smaller than complete computer keyboards or even tablet computers. And it might be quite inconvenient for someone with poor vision, huge hands, or mobility limitations. So therefore, we’ll show you how to make keyboard bigger on iPhone.


How to make keyboard bigger on iPhone with a few simple steps

How to make keyboard bigger on iPhone with a few simple steps

Viewing a letter from a tiny keyboard is difficult for people with vision difficulties. It is a daunting task not just for the eyes but also for people with relatively “large” hands. People with bigger hands are just as vulnerable as those with little hands. While typing, keyboards can cause many errors, and users spend more time correcting than typing. Read on to find out how to make keyboard bigger on iPhone.


Check out how to make the keyboard bigger on iPhone


  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone after turning it on.
  • Next, go to the General menu, scroll down to Accessibility
  • Tap to activate your accessibility panel
  • Select the Zoom option
  • To use the Zoom function, toggle it from Off to On
  • To return to the main menu, flick the gray home bar
  • You can zoom in on the keyboard by double-tapping the keyboard screen with three fingers and zoom out by double-tapping the keyboard screen with three fingers again
  • Drag your three fingers over the screen to move around the screen.

    How to modify your in-built keyboard layout


    There’s actually a built-in feature on your iPhone that lets you choose from various keyboard styles based on your actual keyboard keys, thus allowing you to enlarge keyboard on iPhone. However, you are welcome to use any alternative keyboard design that does not match the keys on your actual keyboard.


    However, you must first link your physical keyboard with your iPhone before altering it. Please follow all of the instructions with your keyboard to set it up in discovery or pair mode. After you’ve linked it successfully, go to Settings > General > Hardware Keyboard and choose a layout.


    How to reduce size of the iPhone keyboard

    How to reduce the size of the iPhone keyboard

    If you have small hands and use one of the bigger iPhone models, the default keyboard may appear too huge for comfort. Fortunately, the solutions listed below may also be used to make the iPhone keyboard smaller.


  • Experiment with One-Handed Mode

    Enabling one-handed mode on your iPhone keyboard is probably the simplest way to make your keypad smaller. Here’s how to do it.


  • To access the keyboard, open any app, such as messaging.
  • Select the left-handed or right-handed layout by tapping and holding the globe symbol below your keyboard.
  • The size of the keyboard will remain constant, but the keys on your iPhone’s keyboard will decrease, making typing with one hand simpler.

    How can you hide or shrink keyboard on the iPhone?


    By sliding and moving your finger down from above the text entry area, you may simply hide or decrease the keyboard on iPhone.


    What is the procedure for changing language on the iPhone keyboard?


    Around 80 foreign languages are pre-loaded on your iPhone keypad. By going to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard, you can change any language. Tap Done after selecting a new language from the list.


    How Do I Delete the Keyboard History?


    On iPhone, you may remove the keyboard history through the Settings app using the default keypad. To do so, go to General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary and confirm with Reset Dictionary.


    To sum it up


    The iPhone devices are impeccable little machines. But the fact of the matter is actually that they lack a natively customizable keyboard. Display zoom is a feature that allows you to alter the keyboard settings, as well as the icons and other phone settings. This is the most straightforward way of enlarging the keyboard on your iPhone. We hope this article helps you learn how to change keyboard size on iPhone.


    While you’re learning how to make keyboard on iPhone, check out the best symbol keyboard apps and the best keyboard apps for iPhone to truly customize your typing experience.

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