How to Make Playlists on TikTok from Your iPhone

Article By: Hess Brown - June 27, 2022, Last Modified: July 24, 2022
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TikTok is a creative and trendy social media app for making, sharing, and viewing short video clips. It’s a terrific platform for independent content producers, companies, and brands. For instance, they can showcase their work, goods, and ideas to a worldwide audience in various innovative ways. In this short skit’s platform, you can save your favorite video or audio in a playlist. Therefore, anyone can enjoy the contents at their convenient time. Let’s find out everything about how to make playlists on TikTok.


How to make playlists on TikTok | Organize your favorite contents


If you are a steady user of TikTok, you often will find some exciting and exclusive contents that you want to check out later. Fortunately, users can easily create a playlist with their favorite video collection or background songs to enjoy later. You can find many popular songs on TikTok videos used by users. If you like the sounds used in their video, you can save them on your personal playlist. You can also use them later in your videos.

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If you are interested to learn how to make a playlist video on TikTok, this instruction will be helpful to you.


How to make playlists on TikTok using favorite videos

How to make a playlist with videos on TikTok
  • Open the TikTok app on your iPhone.
  • Next, find and select your desired video.
  • Play the video, then tap and hold.
  • A dialog box will appear. Tap on Add to Favorites.
  • Next, select your profile and go to the far-right favorites icon .
  • Then select Collections to create a new collection or playlist.
How to make a playlist with videos on TikTok 02
  • Rename your playlist and tap on Next.
  • Finally, select the videos you want to list and tap on Add videos.

How to make TikTok songs playlist

How do you make a TikTok songs playlist
  • Launch TikTok on your iPhone.
  • Play the video that you want to use the sound from.
  • From the bottom right corner, you can see the music title used in the video by tapping on the disc icon.
  • Hit the Add to Favorites button.
  • Then go to the Profile section and open the Collections menu marked by the
  • Finally, go to the Sounds section to find your song playlists.

How to see playlists on TikTok


After creating a TikTok songs playlist, you can locate the playlist in your profile. Simply go to the profile section and tap on the Collections menu. Find your playlists with respected names to the genre from there. Additionally, there is a “Sound” tab for your favorite background music collection.


Why can’t I create a playlist on TikTok?


Any content creator on TikTok might want to know how to make creators playlists on TikTok with their own videos. The feature is known as the Creator Playlist.


Sadly, this feature is only available to a limited group of creators. So if you’re wondering how to get the playlist feature on TikTok, chances are you have to wait. TikTok promises to roll out this feature more extensively in the future. However, it’s allowed to create a playlist with videos from other people even if you do not have this feature accessible.


How to make categories on TikTok


If it’s about how to make categories on TikTok, the playlist feature along with collections is enough. As in, you can create a playlist with different videos on your TikTok profile. You can also name each playlist differently. While TikTok doesn’t have any custom Category section, you can create different playlist collections and make your own custom category.


To make a custom category, tap on the bookmark icon followed by the profile icon. Then locate the Collections tab where you can select “Create new collection” and make your own custom categories on TikTok.




Here we have thoroughly discussed how to create playlists on TikTok. Now you can easily enjoy your favorite TikTok content at your convenience. Additionally, if you’re interested more about TikTok, check out how to recover deleted videos on TikTok or how to block TikTok on iPhone.

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