How to Optimize Storage on Mac

How to Optimize Storage on Mac

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The storage capacity on Mac devices is plentiful, but it is not limitless. Heavy usage might quickly fill up the storage capacity if you are not careful. Furthermore, having less storage space might significantly influence your Mac’s performance. Continuous tuning helps ensure that your device runs smoothly. So, in this post about how to optimize storage on Mac, we’ll go through the best ways to clean up your Mac manually and with the help of two third-party apps.


To manage storage on Mac, you’ll have to tinker with specific Storage options if you choose the manual route. On the other hand, we’ll teach you how to free up space on Mac with the third-party CleanMyMac X & MacKeeper application.


How to optimize storage on Mac by using its built-in tools


If you are struggling with storage space, there are some handy built-in tools on macOS you may utilize. The latest macOS on your Mac device lets you control your storage space in different manners. The process may seem lengthy, but they are effective in most circumstances. From the steps below, let’s find out how to optimize Mac storage using built-in tools.


Steps on how to optimize storage on Mac with built-in tools of macOS:

Step by step manual process on how to optimize storage on Mac with built-in tools
  • In the top right corner of your Mac, click on the Apple logo and select About This Mac.
  • Now, click Storage and let it estimate the available storage.
  • After the Storage shows the categories of files, click on the Manage button to open the storage management window.
  • Then, use the four options to see if your storage issue is fixed.
  • There is a dedicated Optimize Storage option. You may use it first to resolve your storage problem.

How to optimize storage on Mac through third-party CleanMyMac X application


CleanMyMac X is a great alternative to optimize storage and make your Mac run efficiently and smoothly. This innovative application is a multipurpose utility with lots of features. One of the features is Uninstaller, and it is excellent at removing all the traces of an app you no longer need in your system.

Experiencing a noticeable decrease in your Mac’s performance lately? Insufficient storage space might just be the cause. Download and install CleanMyMac X, the best utility to optimize your Mac for the ultimate performance.

The intuitive design of CleanMyMac X means you can easily use any feature. Apart from an efficient cleaning tool, you can also use other cleaning tools for system junk files, malware, trashes, etc. The efficiency of the CleanMyMac X easily makes it one of the best Mac optimizers in the market. From the steps below, let’s find out now how to optimize storage on Mac through CleanMyMac X.


Steps on how to optimize storage on Mac with the CleanMyMac X application:

Step by step procedure on how to optimize storage on Mac with the CleanMyMac X
  • First, download and install CleanMyMac X on your device.
  • Launch the app, and on the left panel, select the Uninstaller tool.
  • Let the app finish scanning your Mac device.
  • When the scanning is complete, the app will provide a list of applications. You may now remove the applications you no longer require from your device. Finally, click on the Clean button to permanently remove the app or apps from your Mac.

How to free up space on Mac with the CleanMyMac X program


CleanMyMac X has lots of functionalities. Among its best features are the System Junk & Trash Bin tool. Using these two tools, you will be able to gain more storage space. The System Junk option will optimize your system by removing useless temporary files. On the other hand, the Trash Bin tool gives you a choice to empty all of the available trash in your system.


How to optimize storage on Mac with the MacKeeper application


The versatility is the power of MacKeeper. This third-party all-rounder app features many valuable tools. You can utilize the tools on this app to optimize your Mac performance. Moreover, it has a dedicated Smart Uninstaller tool that can take care of storage-related issues on your Mac. This application will scan your whole Mac and display the utilization of all of the apps on your device as you use it. You have the freedom to remove any app that you no longer need. Let’s find out from the steps below how to achieve that.

Are you struggling with low storage space issues on your Mac? Boost your storage space performance by downloading and installing the Mackeeper application on your Mac.

Steps on how to optimize storage on Mac through the MacKeeper application:

Step by step process on how to optimize storage on Mac with the MacKeeper application
  • First, download and install the MacKeeper application.
  • Then, select the Smart Uninstaller tool from the left utility sidebar.
  • Let the app scan and find the apps on your Mac.
  • After the scanning process, the app will show several options. Select the Applications option.
  • Now, select the app or apps you want to remove permanently.
  • Finally, click on the Remove Selected button to clean up and optimize the storage of your Mac.

How to clear space on Mac with the help of the MacKeeper application


The MacKeeper is known for its versatility. You may find out about this when you go through all its functions. Most notably, the Safe Cleanup and Duplicate finder tool let you clean up storage further. You will be able to utilize the Safe Cleanup tool to run a deep scan of your entire Mac system and then clean the junk. Alternately, the Duplicate Finder tool allows auto-remove all duplicate files that include similar photos and screenshots.


Final thoughts


The storage space for any device is a fundamental component for running the machine. The more pristine the hard disk, the more performance you will get from your Mac. To make your storage space efficient, you may rely on this guide about optimizing storage on Mac. Moreover, you learn about two of the most excellent third-party applications.


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