How to Pixelate a Picture on iPhone

How to Pixelate a Picture on iPhone



We disclose our personal information on social media sites knowingly or unknowingly. You may have options to lock your social media profile. However, not everyone wants to do this with their account. So, what are your options for putting a halt to the data breach? There is an app called Blur Photo Editor that you may use on your iPhone. This app includes every option, like pixelating a picture, censoring parts of your image etc. In our article on how to pixelate a picture on iPhone, you will learn about its functions properly.


Another approach to censoring your image is to use the Photos app natively on your iPhone. This post will go through each method in detail for you to learn how to pixelate an image on iPhone.


How to pixelate a picture on iPhone with the Blur Photo Editor app


The best thing an iPhone user feels while using their device is the availability of apps and tools. The App Store is a great place to discover apps & Blur Photo Editor is a rare gem among them. This pixelate image app is unique because it fills a gap left by Apple on their iPhone. Because on iPhone, you don’t have native tools to pixelate or blur your picture. Moreover, you can also gain knowledge on how to blur the background on iPhone.


Blur Photo Editor will give you access to every possible means to edit and fix your image. Moreover, you will conveniently do that precisely and then safely upload it to any platform using the app. You can learn from the steps below how to pixelate a picture on iPhone with this app.

Do you want to safeguard the personal information on your picture? Install Blur Photo Editor from the App Store for free and easily pixelate the parts of an image to make it safe to upload.

Steps on how to pixelate a picture on iPhone using the Blur Photo Editor app

steps on how to make image pixelated on iPhone with Blur Photo Editor app

  • Install and launch the Blur Photo Editor app on your iPhone
  • From the first menu, select the picture where you want to pixelate
  • Tap on Blur, then choose the Brush option to adjust the brush size to your preference
  • After that, select the Filter icon, choose the Pixelate effect and apply the filter
  • Now, use your finger to pixelate parts of your image where sensitive information is visible
  • After censoring the data, you may tap on the Next button at the top right corner of your screen
  • On the following menu, use a filter if you wish or tap on the Download button to save the picture on your device

    How to use different tools of Blur Photo Editor to safeguard your privacy


    One thing is clear, safeguarding pictures on your iPhone is an easy process with Blur Photo Editor. It is one of the best apps for censoring and improving the quality of your photos. This app gives you an impressive library of blur effects, including pixelating. Blur Photo Editor is packed with 150 photo filters. That’s a lot of filters for a specialized photo editor app.


    The app also has an integrated photo editor to make the editing and sharing process faster. With the lack of a native option on your iPhone to pixelate or blur out personal data efficiently, this app turns out to be a must-have. If you searched for how to distort a picture on iPhone, you might also use this app. However, this blog post will go through the option that can partially help you censor personal information on photos.


    Here are the steps on how to censor photos on iPhone using the native Photos app

    steps on how to censor a picture on iPhone with the Photos app

  • On your iPhone, launch the Photos app
  • Select the picture you want to edit
  • Tap on Edit, and in the following menu, tap on the Markup button
  • Now choose the highlighter tool and select the black color (you can choose different colors)
  • Now, use your finger to blackout the parts of your picture that are showing sensitive information
  • Then, tap on the Done icon at the top right corner of your screen to save the changes
  • Finally, tap the Done icon again, this time at the bottom right corner of your screen



    We should consider our personal data a precious property in this information age. In this information age, data theft is a constant threat. But don’t get too troubled by this as you know tools to safeguard yourself. We hope this article helps you learn how to easily pixelate a picture on iPhone.


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